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The amazing Blunder is a Red Panda and the familiar of Skip. Though often misinterpreted as rabid, he is merely slightly psychotic. The only thing that allows others to stand his presence is his odd penchant for hats. In the cartoon The Wizbits, Blunder would have no fewer than 6 hats in any given episode. In fact, in the Season 1 episode titled The Trouble with Tubas Blunder wore 37 different hats, though some fans claim he only wore 36 and hats 15 and 16 were the same, just miscolored by the animation team (The Japanese version of this episode had Blunder wearing 39 hats). It was originally intended that Blunder never wear the same hat twice, but the animators ran out of ideas and allowed repetitions to appear towards the end of the first season of The Wizbits, though new hats would continue to appear sporadically.


Blunder often causes trouble for The Wizbits by rushing in, attacking first and asking questions later.


Catchphrases and Quotes:

  • "That was my favorite hat!"
  • "Enough talk - it's time for battle!"
  • "She told ME she was NINETEEN!" (No further details given. Possibly a CCG scoring reference?)


As a red panda, Blunder is arguably the cutest character in any Wizbits series and thus highly marketable. Merchandise of Blunder ranges from thirty-five cent keyrings to real specially-bred red pandas costing tens of thousands of dollars. The hat obsession is an intentional marketing ploy; all Blunder toys (including the living pet) had at least four collectable hats, though only the medium-sized plush toy has the full range of 101 hats which make up his official wardrobe. The infamous "102nd hat", a woolly multicolored bobble seen for eight frames of The Tablecloth Turnaround!, is not officially available in any form anywhere, though fan knitting patterns exist for this as for all the rarer hats.

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