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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 78 (Nastiness Incarnate)

Creature Families: Giant, Bestial


A creature rather like a armadillo the size of a barn and with rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth. It burrows through the earth at prodigious speed in search of food. If none is found, it claws it's way up to the surface to attack villages by curling up into a ball and rolling into houses like a cannonball to smoke out prey, or to allow it to lick up the gooey red paste left behind. They are luckily solitary creatures that seldom reproduce.


It is said that Battal's creator of the wheel was inspired after seeing a Boardillo roll around, although it did leave his entire family flatter than a pancake.


The only domesticated Boardillo was the pet of Sakengaarg the Forge Master of Crystalcrown, who let it roam freely in the Dead Lands and named it Gaaaargh which is apparently a name particularly well suited to working into Dwarven doggerel.

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