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Book 11

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The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 11: The Hierarch Wars Continue (colloquially, Elemenstors Gone Wild, Vol. II)


Dust Jacket Notes (presented on a subdivider page in the "Hierarch's Trilogy" of books 10, 11 and 12.)


The secret of the Old House is uncovered, and the reality is more frightening than anyone could possibly have imagined! Crafted by arcane magiks in the time of the Hierarchs, the House now threatens to unleash its dreadful power on the world. Could this signal the return of Char Reyarteb? My sources say yes!


Now, with ultimate doom approaching, the Elemenstors must once again unite in a way not seen in millennia since the ugly incident between the High Elemenstor of Fire and the High Elemenstor of Water. Meanwhile, a plucky desk and his moronic yet loyal friend, the chair, must undertake an epic quest into a land of evil where happiness is strictly against the law. Can these two Furniliars complete their vital task even without opposable thumbs?




A portion of the book concerns the efforts of four distinct groups to defeat several evil elemental constructs.


Re-using the narrative device so successfully employed in Book 1, partially parallel story lines are developed involving Ray the Telesorcerial and his activities during the Hierarch Wars and an equivalent story unfolding with Yar the Sorcerial, happening approximately 11,000 years previous but interwoven in a fascinating narrative that play with the very concepts of cause and effect. Ray generally assists in the destruction of the constructs, accompanying the chair and desk on a journey through several planes, including the Plane of Brooding Melancholia, though he also occasionally uses the desk, chair and even the constructs for his own purposes. Meanwhile Yar eventually stakes out a position of neutrality between the Chronoclave and a band of Rogue Chronosorcellors.


Meanwhile, the story of the "Heroes" is progressed in this book as Sierra Vanity continues to make High Elemenstor allies to stand against the rising threat of Char Reyarteb, most of whom die either tragically or heroically in the next book. The rogues gallery of Elemenstors include such unforgettable characters as Mordichai Alamede (and his amazing jingle), the irrepressible (but ultimately quite repressed) Larrana Modpeer, and the stoic dragon-man Revolp Darkblood.


This "neutral" plotline is developed alongside and occasionally intersects the "heroic" plotline of the High Elemenstors and the "dark" plotline which delves into the personal psychology of Char Reyarteb, who spends much of the book brooding about his poor relationship with his father. The heroic Elemenstor Zuumont engages in some considerable heroics, slaying Vile Worm in an epic battle, then venturing into Myrkmoom to investigate the mysterious disappearances of several key political figures and other allies. There he discovers the terrible truth about Bathtub Furniliars and promptly incinerates the lot of them, angering the Mistress of Myrkmoom, the Elemenstrix Kapybara.


Notable Events

Beginning in 23,366, 12 years after the events of The Hierarch Wars Begin, this chapter of the saga covers a period of 35 years up to 23,401. This undertaking can only be truly described as 'epic'. Just some of the many events to take place:


  • Sierra Vanity and Guddboy Lad are now wed, and as we begin the book Vanity is pregnant with their firstborn. As the tale continues, the child 'Ron' grows first to strapping boyhood, then to strapping manhood.



  • The true secret of the Old House is uncovered - the sinister spirit of Char Reyarteb lives on in the kitchen doorknob. Vanity and Ladd must return and vanquish the evil once and for all. The Elemenstors Ekezenthal, Arkazanthal, Zuumont, Ubrith, Toobanor, Ray Charebet(sorry, blanking on which other ones - please fill in) are unable to assist in this most crucial of all missions - beset by internal strife within their ranks, they must contend with armies of darkness springing up all over Battal. These vile hordes are gathered by the Doorknob Marshals - from his hiding place in the Darkest Doorknob, Reyarteb has furnished these hateful handles as his new Furniliars!


  • Meanwhile, in a comedic subplot (something had to be done to lessen the epic weight of this world-shaking tale) Knobble the desk and his chair companion travel through the land of Grimgrieve - where happiness is outlawed - to summon the Antique Furniliars to aid in the coming conflict!






The Digressions


Nearly a thousand pages in length on its own (and part of the massive, leather-bound trilogy release of books 10 through 12), the text is a bit more scrutible than the other two volumes in the trilogy, containing smaller fields of random (?) punctuation. Nonetheless, the story moves freely among the numerous plot lines, not all of them related in any obvious way. It also contains digressions and expansions on topics that appear completely unrelated to the rest of the text.

Examples of the various digressions:

  • A long debate on the minutia of timesorc'ley between the Chronoclave and Yar the Sorcerial, which many regarded to be unnecessary and tedious.
  • There is a completely unnecessary Gouth poetry contest called the "Winter Battle Slam", which grows quite bloody amid accusations that some of the participants are "puppets" who are plagiarizing poetry from "The Machine".
  • Almost 40 pages are devoted to the history of the Dim Elves' Lapua Elves Movement. Although some of the story does revolve around the Dim Elves, this digression is never linked into that plotline.
  • A study of the policies and intrigues of the first of the Elven Witch Queens, Ly'riarranaasa.


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