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Book 12

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The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 12 : End of the Hierarch Wars (Colloquially, Elemenstors: Spring Break '2,167)


Dust Jacket Notes

I can't find a copy with a dust jacket. Stupid used book stores.. -ploki
Here's the dust jacket blurb from my copy, it was from the 6th Limited Edition - you know, the one with the iron-bound spine and (hopefully) fake human-skin covers.


The adventures of Sierra Vanity continue in the latest installment of the Elemenstor Saga. The Hierarch Wars do not go well, and all seems lost for the forces of good. But is everything what it seems? That which lurks in Castle Ominousness could turn the tide of battle! This triumphant conclusion to the Hierarch Wars features a cast of billions, and a world-shattering climax the likes of which no reader has ever read! You owe it to yourself to read this book! This tale is so epic you can only appreciate it properly if you own the 6th Limited Edition!




This book marks the pinnacle of Tycho Brahe's writing (or his ghostwriter, if you believe some rumors). It is in TEotHW that the many great unresolved plot threads from the previous books were finally tied together. The Blossomwand now sundered, the love affair of Ekezenthal and Arkazanthal finally ended in marriage in what was, despite the many epic battles, arguably the best-written scene in the Cycle. As many astute readers suspected, the Elemenstor of Light was finally revealed to be a traitor working for the Dark Elemenstors. It also saw the return of the Ronard Dynasty, as it is revealed that the beloved Sierra Vanity is a direct descendant. And though she dies in a heart-wrenching battle in the opening of the book, her son becomes Ronard the Medium and functions as the main non-Elemenstor protagonist during the book.


All that said, there were also a few glaring omissions in TEotHW which left some fans a little disappointed, such as the ultimate fate of Ubrith and her quest to destroy the evil Spiral Doom. For a book that had been so complete in other areas, the missing plots were a little confusing. Many believe that some important chapters had to be cut because the book was already getting so epic that it would have to be split into two smaller novels.


The book is notable for featuring seventeen final battles. A new record in heroic fiction.


Many die-hard fans still refuse to acknowledge Book 13, and claim that TEotHW is the true end of the The Elemenstor Cycle.


Calendars and Dates

The dates used in this book are all given in the Yarian Calendar, established and standardized by Yar the Sorcerial and popularized during the Spica Wars when it helped to share a calendar with your enemies so that battles can be properly coordinated. It seems as though Yar chose a year on or near the Ronardian year 11,195 as the year 0 of his new calendar. Using this reckoning, the events of Book 12 (which in the book start in Yar Calendar year 12,167) probably take place in Ronardian year 23,362, although with many things, there is some confusion.



Key Events in the Story

Picking up the cliffhanger where The Hierarch Wars Continue ended, this thrilling conclusion contains no less than seventeen final battles. A list of some of the mighty deeds performed within:



  • The perpetually on-again, off-again Elemenstor couple Ekezenthal and Arkazanthal wed, the night before facing certain epic death at Battlefield Mort. The subsequent battle is won with surprisingly few casualties.



  • Elemenstor Prigglesnap, during the course of a particularly moving soliloquy, reveals to the reader that he has, at last, determined the location of the legendary Hat of Destiny, much to the surprise of Mordichai Alamede (and his amazing jingle).



  • Elemenstor Prigglesnap is slain by a colorful fellow named Twiddles who mistook him for a Dark Elemenstor.



  • Finally, at the Battle of Freedom's Peril, the Elemenstors come face to face with Char Reyarteb, freed from his doorknob prison, who is attempting to summon his one-time ally MooMaa the Dyemon-Ghost. In an epically titanic duel, the Elemenstors are fought to the point of exhaustion, and Guddboy Lad slain - but Ron, son of Sierra Vanity, vanquishes the dark lord and accepts his destiny as a descendant of King Ronard the Magic Sword King.


  • In the Final Scene (until Book 13), Ron - now Ronard the Medium - ascends his throne to the cheers and approbation of all the peoples of Battal, except of course the evil ones.


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In this book Sierra Vanity gets a haircut by Ubziz Forelock... doesn't anyone find this a little unusual? -tim



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