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Book 13 and a Half

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The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 13 and 1/2: The Eternal Timesorc'ley of Middlemoon




The book is a independant work of Tycho Brahe as he tries to go back through all previous 13 books and correct the books to coincide with his Goth vision of Char Reyarteb. This is however most definitely not official canon, since it isn't endorsed by and has never made money for Realmmasters. Which means it's totally incorrect and should be ignored.




While this book progresses the timeline of ELotH:TES by only a few days, those few days are spent discovering truths about Battal's ancient secrets. This voyage of discovery makes us rethink the entire world's past, removes many seeming contradictions in the series, and covers many periods we previously knew little about in depth. Sub-stories include: The Horseless Nomads of the Chasm durring the Million Year War, The Great War Of The Warlords, the previously unexplored aspects of the Spica Wars between The Longest Moment and the start of The Sundering, and the dark secret of the Murpelts.


Fans of the book have been quoted as saying, "Truly existence is nobler with this book in it."




After the disastrous reception to Book 13, Tycho Brahe is rumored to have come out of reclusion (if he was in reclusion in the first place is a matter of debate) to set the story straight. However, because of licensing issues involving Steven Anderson and switched addresses for a FBI Drug Bust Book 13 1/2 was put on hold. However, Tycho Brahe in a heroic show of support for fan's of The Elemenstor Cycle managed to evade his FBI interogators and Steve Anderson's Lawyers to post a number of snippets from Book 13 1/2. Attempts are being made to cobble together the dispariate bits that have been found in order to understand what Tycho Brahe was attempting to say.


It should be noted that some of the story elements from this book have been slowly adopted by the Realmworlds canon because they "just make sense."


Excerpts Found So Far


What follows are the chapters of the unabridged version (abridged versions exist, which, although much smaller, are still quite large).



Table of Contents


Chapter -4 - Flayed Skin and Shiny Things

Chapter -3 - Unknown

Chapter -2 - Put Another Quilder In

Chapter -1 - Whack-a-ding-hoy, Reality, You're Going Down

Chapter 0 - Unknown

Prologue - A Mean Sjkarblae is a Happy Sjkarblae!

The Baren Swamplands of Yore]

Chapter 2 - Unknown

Chapter 3 - The Battle for Darkhorn Bend!!

Chapter 4 - Unknown

Chapter 5 - Unknown

The Steward Earl Stewart Earle Steward, Earle of Steward]!?

Chapter 7 - Nomenclature Dance

Chapter 8 - What the Arildi? (often confused with What the Quilp?)

Chapter 9 - What Gespechio Knew

Chapter 10 - Wheels within Plans

Chapter 11 - The Smittening

Chapter 12 - Blood Wars and Sugar (or alternately: Blood, Wars, and Sugar)

Chapter 13 - Unknown

"I just knew the truth of the War Men was a lie!" said Bumblin Elfcandor III. "It wasn't really them, it was the hithero unknown race called Murpelts!". "Yes" agreed Archimedes Breakwind "I suppose you are correct. That explains it all." P. 585 Chapter 1 in a common abridged version of the compiled text, P. 623 Chapter -4 in the largest known version


Page 585 and still Chapter 1?!? Woah. -Johan
I know. It must be the abridged version or something. In my copy of the book that quote's on page 623, pre-chapter negative four. -TychoCelchuuu


Pretty sure it was this book that introduced us to the Biclops, Hot Amazon Women in the Mood, and Lawn Gnomes as races. They've all become pretty popular in those Elfstop fan fics so I figured they warrent a mention here.


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