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Book 1: Epic

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Book 1: Epic


First released in the United States on November 12, 2006 by Realmworlds Publishing. (Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the release of The Elemenstor Cycle, Book 1: The Fires of Mount Windic) ISBN 0-142699-017-X.


Dust Jacket Notes


Outside Cover

Book One of Tycho Brahe's Elemenstor Saga begun a swirling saga of epic adventure that has yet to be surpassed. Now, see the original words of Brahe, untouched by the foul pen of a stifling editor and know fantasy genius at it’s best: Relive Book 1 of the Elemenstor saga through the original manuscript, as well as a new retelling through the eyes of a brand new character. Enter, and be amazed!


Inside Flap (front and back)

You love the saga. So buy this book. I mean it. Close it, walk over to the counter and put down money so that you own it. And buy copies for all your friends. What are you still reading this for?


Jacket quotes

"This book was… …good.” - Anonymous



Along with Book 1: Extreme and Book 1:Romance, this book was met with great anticipation by fans of the Saga, clamoring for a great celebration to the tenth anniversary of the original book. After its release however, praise was far less common. A mere glance at the book jacket reveals a definite lack of effort on the part of Realmwords, although it didn’t hurt the sales of the book which sold out its first 3 printing runs. Once it was read however, many fans were disgusted by the final results.


While the story did indeed include the original manuscript, the only changes of note are a mass of increasingly ridiculous spelling errors (including at many points the characters names and large sections that it can only be assumed were typed with a folding chair). This then moves over to a first person narration that seems to follow the story of Book 1 following the misadventures of a unnamed narrator. While at first all seems well, quickly this narrative degenerates to a series of strange modern references and long passages of libel making scandalous claims about many of the people involved in the writing of the first Books in the saga. To those well versed in the lore of the saga and the history of its creation it reads like a lucid dream starring Tycho Brahe, Fidel Castro, the Wolfman and a long series of women who wear increasingly less clothing and demand increasingly demented sex acts to be performed on them. To anyone else, it temporary shuts down primary brain functions and leaves the mental equivalent of a burning bag of dog poop on the front door.


Needless to say, it has quickly drawn in a large cult following who petition endlessly for more exposure for the tale, movies based on the property, or, a rather larger group who simply want their money back. None of these demands have been met with any success.

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