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book quiz

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Test your elemensmarts...

How much do you know about ELotH:TES and the lands of Battal?

  1. Horatio Lushfish is a...
  2. Tribbit

    Dim Elf




  3. Zenethir Foulblade is able to rise to power after aquiring...
  4. Banjos of Particularly Dwarven Craftsmanship

    A Hooey Urn

    the Omni Scarf

    Tertain's Pain Box


  5. Gavment Rayling is led off the Longest Shortcut by Grimfleur with a promise of...
  6. A peek inside "The Satchel"

    The Infinite Ruby Generator

    Popular Veal

    Noddy Chillbreezey's Donkey


  7. Drinking games of Battal are most often conducted in this language:
  8. Darv





  9. Serafina Haberdasheron attended...
  10. Grimm Elemenstati Akademia

    the Cerulean Citadel

    the College of Elemenstration

    The Institute Of Accoutermentia


  11. Gorg Stinkrot is famous for uttering these words when captured:
  12. "Let's kick it into overgear!"

    "Woah! Looks like we're out of milk. I'll be right back."

    "I thought it was an end-table!"

    "Now it is the time for you to die."


  13. The "Action Sequence" in Book 7 takes place primarily in...
  14. Mandleclang

    the Lands of Va

    the Wang Kingdom

    Tritificus Bellicosum


  15. Chthonic Swinemen, the Dolphinthropes and the Homo Canii are said to be decended from...
  16. Aklom Reklats

    Percy Mulligan




  17. The character responsible for restoring the Ronard Dynasty through her son is...
  18. Sierra Vanity



    Myrtle Breakwind


  19. How many final battles are there in the final (?) book?
  20. one




How did you do? Post your score on the wiki. No cheating and looking up the answers while taking the test. :)



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