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Boonink the Reddish

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Boonink the Reddish

Also See:Band of Men


From out of the far off Broken Lands of the south comes a tall and proud man of vaguely red hued skin, pale spice-red eyes, and hair the color of fired brick. This is Boonink, the Reddish, carrying a long spear made from a light but sturdy unnamed southern wood. Traveling the lands on a journey of self discovery, Boonink befriends Hardforge the Kingsguard and his young wife in the Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale after saving their pet ferret from a hungry pack of rusglywerg.


Hardforge introduces Boonink to Hygrad the Mighty, who sees in him a great warrior of much potential valor. An impassioned speech from Hygrad convinces Boonink to settle down there for a little while and in -28,951 he joins the Band of Men that Hygrad forms. Despite this, his wanderlust is not abated and he soon moves on, but keeps the ties to the group and carries forth their ideals of nobility and environmental activism. Additionally, when he does return to the northern lands he accompanies the band on their adventures, such as the Expedition of the Giant Troll-ish Things in -28,951, and lends the group his skill in spear and southern foot combat.


It is on one such ill fated outing with the Band of Men in -28,924 that Dourfur the Untrustworthy attempts to betray the band by leading them into a den of bloodthirsty Weaselwyrms. Because someone had put a daught of sleeping potion into his wine skin, Boonink the Reddish succums to a great drowsiness in the battle and is slain in the conflict.

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