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Boots of Increased Comfort

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Boots of Increased Comfort


One of the simplest of Stream Gears, it is, indeed, one of the simplest of all gears. It is so archetypally simple that the elemenstor jargon term "boot," for striking very simple gears, is derived from it. As its name implies, the gear increases the comfort of any boots it is directed toward. Comfort is increased equally for all boots, so that while typical boots will become very comfortable indeed an old ragged pair full of holes and more fit for a beggar's meal than for wearing will only become slightly less comfortable than the wearer would like. The duration of the effect depends largely on the experience of the elemenstor who strikes the gear. The most learned Brickabrackers have been known to produce boots that retain acceptable comfiness levels for several generations. It should be emphasized that the "s" at the end of the word "Boots" is there for a reason. The gear has yet to prove effective at raising the comfort of a single boot unaccompanied by its pair-mate.

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