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Borr and Gorr

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Borr and Gorr


The albino Minotaur twins Borr and Gorr are the fifth generation in the noble Line of the Hammer Lords. Their story is told in EL:TTLoG.


It is reported that they stood over eleven hoofands tall, although many scholars have called this into question, since the number occasionally increased to upwards of fifteen, depending on how desperately their few surviving foes attempted to justify the crushing defeat they had just suffered. The single attempt to definitively measure the twins ended horribly; the Minotaur Tongue's lack of numbers led to a translation problem where the brothers mistook the situation as an assassination attempt. They left no survivors. Given the lives that Borr and Gorr led, many fans have speculated the tale to be an insightful metaphor: one cannot truly measure Epicness.


Borr and Gorr were born in 10,435, the year that would bring the Sundering to the world of Battal. They were at once the sons of the fourth Hammer Lord Marr, as well as albinos (a sacred sign among the Minotaur), which leads some scholars to believe that their birth heralded, if not directly caused the rending of the world. Whatever the truth may be, there is no question that they were born into Epic times to do Epic things.


The Minotaur of Borr and Gorr's tribe were startled. Here were two Calves who, while born of the great line of the Hammer Lords, bore the sacred mark of Mighty Taur that would otherwise mark them as destined for the path of the Shaman. After a period of deliberation it was decided to turn them over to the Herd Shaman and allow the path set before them by Gaia and Mighty Taur to become clear.


As is the way of things, the twins were told their true names by the Herd Shaman, which carried with it the foreknowledge of their deaths. True to their lineage, the young Hammer Lords accepted their destiny unafraid, and pursued their training in the Shaman rites and Hammer Lord hammering with what some have described as a β€œBloodlustiness for learning.”


Their prowess in battle could not be doubted; the bloody path they stomped and pounded with hoof and hammer lead to their deadly reputation as the "Third and Fourth Legs of Mightiness" throughout the Shield. Their Shaman knowledge gave Borr and Gorr confidence and power in battle; they would often cry out, β€œIt is a good day to die... but not for us!” in the heat of combat. The odds they faced and the trials they overcame allowed them to leave their lasting hoof mark on the history of Battal during the Sundered Era.


There are hints in The Third Legs of Gods that Borr and Gorr apotheosed upon their death. This theory has been backed up by some of the online supplements for the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG which released the information necessary to be a cleric of these deities.

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