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Box of Hoochy-Coochy Dancing

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Box of Hoochy-Coochy Dancing


Fabled, possibly non-canonical, weapon of choice of Ul'hala the Giggleman, this box was infused with the powers of swing and jazz, and upon opening would inflict the opener with severe speech impediment, the inability to balance upright, and a penchant for Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles. The afflicted opener staggers about, generally making a fool of his or her self, until the box's lid is shut. Upon closing of the box, these afflictions disappear, and are replaced with a severe hangover.


The dangers of this box are many, as its seemingly friendly wooden exterior and pink frilly inner lining are extremely misleading. Once taken by the power of the box, the opener is rarely capable of keeping their pants on, let alone attempting to close the lid. Hilarious hijinks ensue.


Theoretically carved from the darkest of trees of the Forests of Misery, some confusion exists as to how this wood was actually obtained. It is logical to assume that Karrath's Blade of Perfect Tone was involved in the carving of the box, perhaps as an attempt by Gragnakas to punish those who scoffed at his taste in music.

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