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Broken Links

Page history last edited by Tim 11 years, 7 months ago

Broken Links


This is an automatically generated list of all the red links in the wiki in Alphabetical Order.


See Also: most wanted. dead ends. orphan pages. Misspellings. List of Stubs.



2685 entries.





























Comments (24)

Anonymous said

at 12:36 am on Dec 23, 2005

An interesting note; the system still list broken links that have been edited out of existence. I found a place where three links were used when one would do fine, and changed it, but it still lists all three links here. Is it pulling broken links from the Changes History too?

Anonymous said

at 3:25 am on Dec 23, 2005

That should read "Revision History", by the way. Also, the wiki seems to be spawning links where they weren't intended. This happens when a word is made with two captials (ex; "SpaceDrake" on the Comments page). There's no "link" tag, but the wiki is interpeting it as a link anyway.

Anonymous said

at 3:54 am on Dec 23, 2005

Yeah, it does that automatically. Add a tilde before the word ("~SpaceDrake") to keep it from happening. I had to go through and do that to a bunch of times MooMaa was mentioned, because it looked dumb to link it every time it showed up.

Anonymous said

at 8:12 pm on Dec 23, 2005

I believe this page is re-generated every now and then, not updated live. Fixed broken links will remain for a while. I don't know whether that's five minutes or two weeks or what, though.

Anonymous said

at 5:44 pm on Dec 25, 2005

anyone w/ c++ can rebuild this index. any takers?

Anonymous said

at 12:45 am on Dec 27, 2005

Hmmm, I had a go:

- Downloaded the backup ZIP, extracted into c:\backup with WinZIP, verifying that filenames with ":" were renamed to "_"

- did "dir /b > in.dat" in c:\backup to generate the input list

- copy/pasted the cpp code into a new project and ran it.

On the face of it, it seemed to work okay, but when I checked the out.dat file, as well as a lot of WikiCode for the broken links, it also has some c++ fragment code in it, the list isn't sorted, the a-z headers are all at the bottom of the file and the number of broken links goes up to "2397"

Doesn't seem right to me, any ideas?

Anonymous said

at 12:56 am on Dec 27, 2005

Well yeah... the page with the source code would be in the in.dat file, heheh *smacks forehead* took that out of in.dat and that made the c++ fragments go away... still not sure about the unsorted output, the list of names in "in.dat" are sorted alphabetically to begin with.

Anonymous said

at 1:31 am on Dec 27, 2005

use sort to sort out.dat

Anonymous said

at 1:39 am on Dec 27, 2005

Yeah, I figured out that removing "source for the broken link auTIMator" and "every link" from the in.dat was probably "A Good Thing" and then sorting it manually.

Anonymous said

at 1:40 am on Dec 27, 2005

Well manually as in... not with the auTIMator. ;)

Anonymous said

at 6:53 am on Dec 27, 2005

sort missing ranked to get most wanted

Anonymous said

at 7:03 am on Dec 27, 2005

Oh cool, I've updated that now too. Nice utility, by the way. ;)

Anonymous said

at 6:42 pm on Dec 27, 2005

thanks.. on my work computer I have a version that strips out ~ from the links so they don't show up as broken when they really aren't, but I won't really be able to get source for that posted until next week.

Anonymous said

at 7:04 pm on Dec 27, 2005

I did wonder about that.. I might be able to fix it myself, but I really hate C++ so no promises. It's probably easier to just wait until next week. ;) What do you think of this? [auTIMator, Broken Link Generator] I thought it was more friendly than the straightforward source code.

Anonymous said

at 10:49 am on Dec 28, 2005

I added a ~ fix today, seems to work okay.

Anonymous said

at 7:14 pm on Jan 6, 2006

new tool works great, love reading directly from the zip file! :)

Anonymous said

at 8:47 pm on Jan 6, 2006

It was a great idea to do that. Also I've updated the pages again following the Code Page discussions... it seems to be interpreting special characters okay now, at least over here.

Anonymous said

at 11:28 pm on Jan 9, 2006

I made an interesting modification to my C++ program. I search the list of pages for variations of the broken link (page name contained within the broken link, or vice versa) and output a list of possible mispellings.
It only generated a handful, and so I corrected them rather than making a page on the wiki for it, but handy none the less.

Anonymous said

at 7:01 pm on Jan 20, 2006

we'll have to update the C# before we can regenerate this page

Anonymous said

at 1:37 am on Mar 11, 2006

don't know if anybody has noticed, but I'm trying to get rid of all of the broken "J" links... no reason really. Any help would be appreciated. :)

Anonymous said

at 11:55 am on May 30, 2006

Interesting, the number of broken links is roughly equal to half the total pages. That's kind of scary.

Tim said

at 12:40 am on Jun 9, 2006

...and there was much rejoicing

K said

at 1:16 am on Jun 9, 2006

Huzzah for the bot!

TychoCelchuuu said

at 2:11 am on Jun 9, 2006

I would hug it, but I fear electrical shocks.

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