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Brothers of the Magic Forge

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Brothers of the Magic Forge


The Brothers were one of the deadliest and volatile guilds of The War of the Item Guilds. They used cunning, skill, speed, deadly weapons and a Dwarf's natural urge to chew a hole in their enemy's head to devestating effect. After defeating the Ringlings, the Brothers performed devastating attacks on nearly every guild, they even got a bit confused and started killing members of the Assassins Guild by mistake.


After they betrayed/were betrayed by the Elfin Fletcher's Guild, they soon sent out a call, rallying all Dwarves to their cause. With their ranks swollen, Uregor the Proud, the guild leader, was declared Forge-King, a title once only reserved for Suntor, the chief god of the Dwarves. He then proclaimed and edict of "kicking ass", and waged back to war.

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