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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 10 (Not Very Nasty At All)

Creature Families: Bestial, Mutant, Magimal


A large and unusual creature that resembles something like a cat the size of a small house with six legs. It has a hollow shell on its back that people can climb into, complete with seats for sitting in, and an artificial hobo for effect. Its six powerful legs propel it at unimaginably fast speeds. The large, constantly smiling face of a bus is recognizable by its large, cat-like eyes that glow to illuminate any path its on. Buses can not truly be tamed, but will allow themselves to be ridden in by using a Bus Token or offering a small fish.


Buses are naturally punctual creatures, and they are content to spend their days wandering in circles an the same routes as other buses. It has been said that in ancient times some buses are so reliable you can set your clock by them. However, when more than one bus occupies the same route a herding instinct arises causing the buses to congregate together nose-to-tail, with groups of three buses travelling in close convoy.

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