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Buxom Succubi of Darkrend Mountain

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The Buxom Succubi of Darkrend Mountain


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 40 (Really Very Nasty Indeed)

Creature Families: Menoid, Dyemonic


The Buxom Succubi of Darkrend Mountain, in the FaeriWraithe Lands, are a dark and malicious race of busty feminine demons who prey upon unwitting Elemenstors and seduce them. Obviously there's a lot of nudity involved. Should sell well to 13 to 17 year old males.


This particular breed of creature does not appear to play any part in the story where they are initially mentioned, in fact none appear as characters at all in The Elemenstor Cycle. Despite this, almost six pages of Book 2 are devoted to describing them in great (some would say graphic) detail, for no apparent reason. The only Succubi ever given more than just a bit part in canon is Nykie Jushduit a succubi who ends up having amnesia partially due to The Unsundering and wanders Battal during the Century of Fire seeking her past and having epic sexy adventures. Her search for her past is detailed in the book The Centurial Fires but she plays a role in the several of the other ElemenstorLance novels.


"Oh, hi ther-AAAAAAUHAUGHUHUGH-THE-PAIN!" - unlucky victim

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