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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: -33 (Harmless)

Creature Families: Bestial, Material, Chimeric


A potent alloy of the mineral Kitten, in a eutectic mixture of Kitten and rabbit. Precipitates sugar upon formation. Causes sickening and irrational anger in small doses on normal men and is known to cause Puppy Dog Eyes on impressionable teenage girls.


Lady Absinthia, for a time, carried a black-and-white-furred, heavily-pierced cabbit named Crusher Hatespawn around with her. Eventually she ate it whole with little explanation why (or how), although at the time few were in a position to question her actions.


Interior two-shot of J. Sparrow and L. Absinthia, Absinthia holding Cabbit (Crusher Hatespawn)

ABSINTHIA: How goes plans we have set in motion?


Closeup on Sparrow

SPARROW: I would appear that we... Wait.. where did your Cabbit go?


Two-shot, Absinthia no longer holding cabbit

ABSINTHIA: Mrphmn... (shakes her head and shrugs, her mouth obviously full)


SPARROW: Er, well...


ABSINTHIA: (swallows loudly)


SPARROW: (shudders visibly)


The cabbit had an unusually prominent role in Elemenstorer, as one of the levels consisted of an ancient and forgotten breeding-pit in which thousands of degenerate mutant cabbits swarmed. The level is largely considered one of the hardest in the game, as the only time the player is not under attack by a patchy-furred cat-rabbit abomination is while the level is loading. Strategies often involve using the Superior Toad Defenstrator Hammer to simultaneously squash the cabbits while making progress throughout the cavernous level.




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