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Canir Barak

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Canir Barak






  • Weariness
  • Despair
  • Depression
  • Laziness
  • Sleep
  • Procrastination


Other Names

  • The Lazy Dog
  • Dog of Despair and Weariness
  • Canine of Apathy


Known Relations

  • None



Canir is described as a large black dog who looks perpetually tired and depressed. Interestingly Canir is the only male in the Sylveran Pantheon owing to the matriarchal nature of their society. Canir is considered to be the antithesis to what a male should be to the Sylverans, who use him as a demonstration of why it is better that females run everything. Also he is used as a teaching tool to young males to show them how not to be when they are older. That in itself is interesting as the typical Sylveran male is only really required to look good, procreate and to be heroic/romantic when necessary (see Roseraid and the other male roles in Pretty Metal Idol Hagane-chan for a demonstration of this).



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