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Canon or non-canon

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Canon or non-canon?


Given the bewilderingly immense variety of ELotH:TES-related materials that has appeared over the last three decades, it's pretty common for fans to become confused as to what is canonical and what isn't. The list below should clear up any confusions you may have.


This is an attempt to represent the general consensus; the opinions of The All-Inclusionists and the Strict Constructionists is not representative of the mainstream.


Note also that this list is primarily concerned with "canon" as it relates to the internally consistent presentation of the ELotH:TES universe; such items are marked "canon." Much literature draws from ELotH:TES without actually using "Battal Prime." Wizbits: Elemenstor High, for instance, draws upon many canonical sources (including both books and television) to build an offically sanctioned Elemenstor-oriented storyline, without making any claims to causal or metaphysical links; in other words, its writers (unlike some) are content to write a universe which is entirely self-contained. These items are marked "self-contained."


Anything marked non-canon is thus either not officially sanctioned, or claims to be canonical in a way that conflicts with established canon.


SamSim Please do not be tempted to sort materials by whether they are canon or not, as this makes consulting this list to determine something's canonicity akin to using a dictionary to look up the spelling of a word. Rather, sort them by subject. If something fits under more than one heading, just list it twice. This is not the place for original research; if an article is non-specific, write "unknown".



The Elemenstor Cycle


Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7, Book 8, Book 9, Book 10, Book 11, Book 12 and Book 13, all by Tycho Brahe: all canon

Note: Although some versions of Book 10 state that Book 9 is just a dream, if this is true, it's nevertheless a canon dream.

Book 13 and a Half, by Tycho Brahe: non-canon

The Fourteenth Manuscript, by Tycho Brahe: doesn't exist (but see that article for more)


Other Elemenstor Literature

Mebbidiah and the Parts of a Sentance, unknown: canon

The Sundering of Vhaxdi, J. Krakins : non-canon

Tides of Epic Conflict Saga, Paul Thompson : canon

The ElemenstorLance Series, Various Authors: canon

The Brothic Cycle, Jenson Matthews : canon


The Grand Elemenstor of Magic, by Gordy Baron: canon

'Til Time is No More, by Merth Lemon: unknown

The Temptations of the Bix the End Table, and other tales, by Tycho Brahe: canon?

The Cerulean Masterpiece, by Aramindir Sing: non-canon

Epic of Epochal Accoutrements, by "Harchus Toogrealds": probably not canon

Broken Stool: Alchemical Boogaloo, "by Tycho Brahe": non-canon

Broken Stool: Alchemical Boogaloo the Comic, author unknown: non-canon

The Five Chosen Ones: A Collection of Elemenstor Stories, by Gordy Baron: canon

Oriental Tales of the Wang Kingdom, by Takanawa Watzanami: canon

Tales of Yorn, by Aedan Dalry: canon

Cannibal or Dinner Host, author unknown: canon?

The Violation of Law 488, author unknown: unknown

A Night at The Rusty Spear, by Tycho Brahe: canon

Tales of the Forever Road, by Hal Robinson: canon

The Verdant Anguish, by Tycho Brahe: canon, though almost all the events here depicted are retroactively undone using timesorc'ley in Holy Crap How Do I Fix This

Holy Crap How Do I Fix This, by Tycho Brahe: canon

The Journey of Wolfgang Apprentice, by Hal Robinson: canon

Quintak's Burden, by Dan Potter: canon

The Quasar Riders of Zonardia, by Christine-Anne McCaoli: canon

The Great Pasta Purge, by Lincoln Elmore: non-canon

The Unlight Eonicles, author unknown: non-canon

The Brotherhood Octology, by Dan Potter, Anders K Fitch, other authors as yet unknown: canon

Something Wicker This Way Comes, by William Princeton: canon

The Last Days of Blee, author unknown: canon

The Lost Tales of Shattered Kelembad, author J Drewish Gunpike: canon

The Knowledge Smith, by Hal Robinson non-canon

The Song of the Sorcelator, by L H Franzibald EXTREMELY NON-CANON -- ANTI-CANON


Adult Fiction

Titillating Tales Of The Wizbits, by Hankstrong Anonymous: non-canon

The Wenching Hour, author unknown: canon


Adult Non-Fiction

Woodspotting: A Definitive Guide to Furnie Culture, author unknown: non-fiction

Doost Me, Baby: Furnies Unleashed, author unknown: non-fiction


Reference Material

The Weighty Tome of Elemenstor, author unknown: canon

Modern mythological creatures that explain many unusual things: ELotH: TES edition, by Jonathan Brighton: non-canon, but a popular reference for fan fiction authors

ELotH: TES: Cliff Notes, by Boris Conway: completely fabricated and hence non-canon

The Incredible World Of The Elemensor Saga, author unknown: canon

The Elemenstor Saga Companion, author unknown: canon

The Idiots Guide to Wizbits Elemenstor Battle, author unknown: non-fiction


Graphic Novels

ELotH comic book, by Annonymous Miranda: canon, apart from most of the crossovers

Who Watches The Wizbits?, by James Langomedes: various versions, none of them wholly canon

Batman - Cardboard Tube Samurai: Legend of the Laughing Wang, by Frank Miller: non-canon

Evolution of Eternal Sorrow, by Gordy Baron: canon

Elemenstor Goes to Hell, author Mike Mignola: canon

Flashback Saga, by "Mars N. Gorrinot": canon, though not acknowledged by many fans

Garth Ennis Presents: The Vampyric Wars, by Garth Ennis: canon

Grant Morrison Re-Imagines Secondary and Tertiary Characters, by Grant Morrison: non-canon

Image Comics Presents: The Fires of Mount Windice, author unknown: non-canon

Countdown to Infinite Wizbits, author unknown: canon

Wizbits: Plane of Destruction, author unknown: canon

The Shandman, by Spiel Wyfflass: canon

Starlight Runewar, author unknown: canon


Adult Graphic Novels (a.k.a. All too graphic novels)

Erotic Blade of Shanari, author unknown: unreleased

Erotic Lovers Of The Hierarchs: The Enticement Saga, probably by The Removalists: canon

Submissive Conqueror Lopae, author unknown: canon

Hard Tactics Xtreme: Women with Bulges and Pouches, by Rob Liefeld: non-canon

Erotic Tales of a Wasted Elemenstor, author unknown: non-canon

Submission: CABINET, by Wonbatsu: non-canon

The Scolding of Persephalous, author unknown: non-canon

The Hierarchs of Northarbor, author unknown: canon


Children's Books

Wizbits Poop Too, author Heinz Shuheputz: non-canon

The Wizbits Guide to Conquering Your Fears, author unknown: non-fiction

A Recepie [sic] for Success, by James Langomedes: claims to be non-fiction, but is actually total bunk

Adaptations of Wizbits Episodes, authors unknown: unknown

The Morality from the Wizbits series, by James Langomedes: unknown

The Littlest Elemenstor, author unknown: canon

The Choose-Your-Own-Elemenventure series, multiple authors: some canon, some non-canon



A Life Wasted: The Semi-Autobiography of Tycho Brahe, by Tycho Brahe: non-fiction

The Elemenstor Saga and its Negative Influence on Today's Youth, by Jack Thompson: holy crap, burn this shit

Elemenstruation - A Magic Tale for Young Women, author unknown: unknown

The Furniture and the Glory, author unknown: non-fiction

Yaar, Yar, and Yore: The Epic Connections, author Jenson Matthews: unknown


Miscellaneous Writings

The Story That Is Built One Sentence At a Time By Those That Read It, by readers of this wiki: non-canon (events in this story directly conflict with those in Book 1 (which is canon)). It is said that this story was an early draft of Book 1.

Injuction Against Publishing The Idiots Guide to Wizbits Elemenstor Battle, by Wizbits (Plaintiff) and Penguin Group (USA), Inc. (Defendant): non-fiction

The Parents Guide to Discussing the Wizbits Lawsuit with Your Children as told by Harbinger Portent, author unknown: non-fiction

The Shoe Masterpiece, by James Langomedes: unknown


Film, Television and Radio


Due to the events of Wizbits Extreme: Ultra battle Final, almost all the versions of the Wizbits' story are canonical, taking place in different timelines.


Elemenstor Radio Dramas, by Robert Hungford: canon (note: this is the version which corresponds to the "main" ELotH:TES timeline)

ElamenSTAR, by Tomono Shuuan and others: canon (note: this is the version which actually creates the "main" ELotH:TES timeline)

The Wizbits, by James Langomedes and others (known as Lander and the Power of Rubian in the UK): canon (see Countdown to Infinite Wizbits)

Wizbits: Elemenstor High, writers unknown: self-contained

Wizbits Extreme, writers unknown: canon (see Countdown to Infinite Wizbits)

Wizbits Extreme: Ultra battle Final, writer unknown: canon (see Countdown to Infinite Wizbits)

ElamenSTAR Shuffle, writers unknown: canon (see Countdown to Infinite Wizbits)

Elemenstor Gearstrike, by Hal Burton, Jerry Chang, Melissa Eberhart, Garth Ennis, Richard Gray, Annonymous Miranda, Izumi Suzuki and others: self-contained

Una Hora de Acción con los Wizbits!, writer unknown: canon (see Countdown to Infinite Wizbits)


The Elemenstor Saga Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII (movie series), writer unknown: unknown

Wizbits: The Movie, writer unknown: not yet made

The Adventures of Isaac and Raven, writer unknown: unknown

Elemenstor (live action), by Aaron Spelling: unknown



Aww come on. That Jack Thompson book is basically fiction masquerading as nonfiction. -TychoCelchuuu


MaxxLoxx Ok.. I gotta comment on the wizbits extreme stuff... basically, anybody who thinks that this stuff is canon is an idiot. Come on... Rubinoazon... mechanized suits... Multigame Corp is obviously just trying to cash in on the licensing possibilities. None of the fans believe this stuff could have happened.
Tim Well, it's certainly open to discussion, but given that all of the events "actually happened" in a sense, it's really quite debatable.
  Well, the whole "shards" thing really is trendy, given American comic company tendencies to do the same thing for the sake of continuity. Overall I think it's a bad idea, especially after the care that was taken in ElamenSTAR and the Radio Dramas to stick as close to canon as possible. Although the radio dramas and ElamenSTAR are not 100% reconcilable with each other, they are independently 100% reconcilable with the books. The shards just created an excuse for lazy creators to use the universe for marketing purposes without worrying about canonical consistency.


I've seen some fan sites that use a "relative canon" measurement, maybe we should employ that here? For instance, ElamenSTAR is canonical relative to The Elemenstor Cycle, but The Wizbits is only canonical relative to Wizbits Extreme... and so forth.

SamSim I don't understand that relative canon stuff, but this Countdown to Infinite Wizbits thing sounds like it might be about to reconcile all this multiple-Battals business, if anyone is planning to buy it... or not... EDIT: it has. Good show!


Added an article on Canonical ELotH Sexuality in order to have something to balance the ever-muliplying reams of fanfic out there that stray from the canonical works. Help finishing it would be much appreciated. ~asura


Perhaps "official-self-contained" should be its own category. I think that it would apply to Elemenstor Gearstrike as well. -Tim


Comments (12)

Anonymous said

at 11:14 pm on Dec 31, 2005

I think that there are some novels here attributed to Tycho Brahe that should either be attributed to Gordy Baron or Hal Robinson.

Anonymous said

at 11:21 pm on Dec 31, 2005

This is something I've always been unclear on. I always thought there was far too much ELotH for a single man to write (in fact, even the 13 novels would surely be too much for one man, given the time span allowed). More information on the secondary ELotH authors is badly needed around here.

Anonymous said

at 11:22 pm on Dec 31, 2005

Anyway, I'm just going by what I've read. If what I've written is wrong, so are the articles I'm referencing, so they would need altering too.

Anonymous said

at 11:25 pm on Dec 31, 2005

I'm curious about which article points to epic tides being written by tycho

Anonymous said

at 11:30 pm on Dec 31, 2005

Feh. Fixed.

Anonymous said

at 11:44 pm on Dec 31, 2005

as for Tycho being able to write all of the 13 novels in the time alotted. Either he had help, pulled from a multitude of preconceived notions, or else... well... that way lies madness.

Anonymous said

at 9:50 pm on May 15, 2006

I think that this page would be more readable if organized by canon or non-canon.. finding a work should be as easy as using the text search command so it doesn't really matter where on the page it sits, but getting a sense or all the non-canon vs works would be easier if we reorganized.

Anonymous said

at 8:45 pm on May 19, 2006

Brahe is able to write these books, because, after-all, they're novellas, which are short (max. around 200 pages or so) novels.

Anonymous said

at 8:50 pm on May 19, 2006

generally, it's actually the appendicies to the novels that take them to their staggering length...

Anonymous said

at 4:13 pm on May 20, 2006

Are there two Tims? (tim and Tim?), because one's an admin, the other's a contributor.

Anonymous said

at 6:06 pm on May 20, 2006

Nah, it's just Tim making changes without logging in as Administrator.

Anonymous said

at 11:25 pm on May 20, 2006

yep.. just one tim

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