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Cap of Refreshment (Card)

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Cap of Refreshment (Card)


Part of the nearly unbeatable Bladeslinger's Song-Blast of Airth-Cap of Refreshment combo.


Card Title: Illustrator:
Cap of Refreshment ~


Card Set: Number: Rarity:
Wizbits: Elemenstor Battles ~/300 ~


Card Type: Elemental Affiliation: Moon Phase:
Full Non-Element Air ~


Cost: Strength: Will: Magic: Special Check:
2 ~ ~ ~ ~




Abilities: Flip Abilities:
Equips your Main Character. His Special Check number is +4. When you play this card, you may search your deck for a card and put that card on top of your deck. If a card would be discarded from your deck to pay Secession Points, you may sacrifice Cap of Refreshment. If you do, you may put that card's abilities on the Pillar at any height. You still pay the cost of that card. ~




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