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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 69 (Nastiness Incarnate)

Creature Families: Mutant


The predatory Carmathmodons are large creatures with brown leathery skin, doeful eyes and thick legs. They are sometimes described as "emanating with pure self-esteem," but no one really knows for certain why that is but perhaps it has to do with their diet largely consisting of Smug Ape.


Carmathmodons are indigenous to the Far Plains of Forgotten Temilarsi, but every so often, they are spotted in the oddest places. Once, a lone Carmathmodon walked straight through Choxo Town, completely unaware that it is several thousand miles away from its native Plains.


Another (quite humorous) incidence of a Carmathmodon showing up in an unexpected location is retold in The Dawinesque Awards, about a man named Zuchar (of Zuchar's Messenger Bag fame, another tale told elsewhere). While vacationing in the town of Utterdamn, he drinks a little too much ale and makes a bet that he could find twenty rubian shards in the sea before the night is over. Of course, any first-year elemenstation student knows that rubian shards cannot be found simply by diving underwater, but Zuchar is a relatively simple man and was not aware of that. After coming up with some bright red pebbles--which are close, but not the real thing--he made one last fateful dive, in which a wading Carmathmodon rammed into him at 17 ploisnus per macrosecond.


That is very, very fast.


The cheering and whooping patrons of The Drinking Drunk were quickly silenced when they realized what had happened to their drinking buddy. While many people, including a few witnesses, conclude that a Carmathmodon cannot possibly be swimming in the ocean, particularly at so fast a speed, the lack of any other alternatives as to what killed Zuchar, as well as credible eye-witnesse accounts and other pieces of evidence, confirm that it was indeed the leathery beast.


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Tim said

at 9:41 pm on Jul 27, 2006

corrected the reference to "the dancing drunk" on this page.. zuchar was a sickle resident during the sundering. I think the reference to miyazaki made because of the dancing/drinking confusion.

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