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Carry On

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Carry On

Gear Name:Carry On
Sensoarship Classification:Forbidden


Gear Description

"Carry On" is a genisum-class gear, nominally classified as Carry-elemental. In fact, it is a highly complex gear and relies on the interweaving several different elemental energies to get quite right, specifically Carry, Stream, and Life elements.


The intended effect of "Carry On" is to infuse living objects with the powers of the inanimate. The actual effect is to create an inanimal creature--an organism which under certain conditions become the equivalent of a free furniliar.


Potential Side Effects or Mistakes

Depending on the intentions of the Elemenstor and the successfulness of the striking, the inanimal created can be any of the three "species" of inanimal (temporal, conditional, or willful).


A botched striking of Carry On can result in several outcomes. The gear could fizzle entirely, or it could be partially successful, resulting in a creature for whom only parts of its body are affected by the inanthropic transformation. The worse case scenarios would be the accidental creation of a Nightstand inanimal, or even an Infurnithrope.


It should also be noted that barring perfect success in the casting, it is likely that the inanimal will show traits of its furniture form even when not transformed.


Reason for Sensoarship

There are several reasons for sensoaring Carry On. The foremost is the potential dangers in failing the striking, or even meeting only partial success. Another problem often presented by the more environmentally conscious Elemenstors (especially Borners) is the cruelty involved in striking this gear against innocent animals.


It is, however, not that taboo, as no one really cares that much about over-sensitive Borners, and most Elemenstors secretly believe that they'd never make so grand a mistake as to create a Nightstand inanimal. As such, many students who dabble in Carry find themselves creating at least one inanimal during their careers, and rarely get caught.



Carry On can only be cast on non-sentient, non-self aware animals. For the equivalent gear for use on intelligent creatures, see Bestow Furnithropy


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Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 12:55 am on Jan 11, 2006

the meaning of inanimal in this entry is unclear to me

Anonymous said

at 1:02 am on Jan 11, 2006

XD I should probably have just gone ahead and made the entry. It's like a furnithrope, only non-sentient. Which is to say, it's like a non-sentient lycanthrope that becomes furniture, rather than a wolf or whatever other were-creature it is.

Anonymous said

at 1:02 am on Jan 11, 2006

By "non-sentient," I don't mean it's a non-sentient human-type person, but like....animals. Animals that become furniture. Sorry.

Anonymous said

at 1:10 am on Jan 11, 2006

so is the furniture sentient, but the animal is not? Of the furniture is feral in some way?

Anonymous said

at 3:31 am on Jan 11, 2006

what would be hilarious is something that you cast on someone and when they get angry they turn into a very very enraged peice of furniture. Like a furnithropy curse except instead of changing to furniture you just turn into regular furniture until you cool off

Anonymous said

at 5:24 am on Jan 11, 2006

make it

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