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Carry is to the inanimate what Death is to the animate. Some would say that Carry, indeed, is the defining trait of inanimateness. Carry is often viewed as a more specific, somewhat weaker variant of Death, or "Death Lite". It is the bane of Furniliars the world over. Its symbol in the CCG is the Broken Ball-Claw.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Carry.




Carry is a cruel and potentially devastating element. The opposing element to Stream, Carry is the power behind a distinct lack of a life-force in previously animate objects that were inanimate before some Elemenstor decided to go screwing around with reality. As such, Carry is a specific, if confusing, Elemenstation and is only mastered by a worthy few.


Carry is also capable of a type of reverse-Ambulation, differing from the power wielded by Stream Elemenstors in that while Ambulation causes free movement of an item by imbuing it with a small degree of free will, the Carry abilities cause motion while keeping strict control and order over the motions of the object. This causes Carried objects to be much more effective as strategic weapons than an Ambulated counterpart, though the uses of Carried Objects tend to be simpler than those that are Streamed.


The Elemanifestations most commonly used are Mass-tidons. Like their Stream counterparts, Vortivores, they are barely visible and exert powerful gravitational effects. Mass-tidons are remarkably apathetic compared to Vortivores, making their power easier to control. The powers of a Carry Elemenstor include, but are not limited to, Gravimation, Massification, Disambulation, and Reductioning.


Understandably, Carry Elemenstors represent a real living terror for Furniliars. More than one Ambulatory Dresser has been reduced to tears, shortly before being reduced to splinters.


Traditional Carry pictoral representation, which is an image of a yellow skeleton raping the Luscious Lady of Life (the traditional pictoral representation of

the Life element) has fallen out of favor for obvious reasons (including parental outrage at the illustration on the CCG card) and has been generally replaced with the Broken Ball-Claw.


Carry Elemenstors are often called Massifiers.



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