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Cedric the Bastard

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Cedric the Bastard

Cedric began as a tribal chieftan of the northern regions of the Alfan plateau with the title of trumengha, or "northern chief."


Cedric the Bastard gained his moniker not because of an ill timed birth but instead because he claimed his father's name was "Anonymous". Notorious for never chipping in when the check came to the table and for saying things that were just plain mean, Cedric is best known for founding his own Kingdom in 12,066, Alfafanar after winning a duel with the Lion the Brian-Hearted on a technicality, who had died due to severe arrow poisoning minutes before the competition.


As ruler of all the plateau, his first act as king was to construct the glorious Castle Anonymous, named for his father. From this royal seat of power he administered the affairs of his realm, guiding it to the position of financial, political, and military leadership through-out The Sickle that it would never relinquish.


When a stranger washed up on the shores north of his kingdom dressed in outlandish garb he began making such outrageous claims, and spoke so impressively, that he was taken to the king. The man turned out to be an inventor, diplomat, writer, and Wizard who called himself Mardrangion. He claimed to be from "the lost continent" which had disappeared almost 2,000 years ago and was largely considered to be myth. He equipped Cedric with the knowledge he needed to construct ships which would reach these lands, injecting Alfafanar into the history of The Shield at a time when it was separated by vast unknowable oceans.


Cedric famously lead his armies into battle against Uregor the Proud, at the Battle of Wang's Peak.


Otherwise he is known for his economic stranglehold on half of the Sickle and his odd death. (Records, while inconclusive, seem to imply that he "choked on a concubine.") This is possibly the work of the Unseen Ones, or a rumor spread by his only daughter, the mysterious Sworderer.

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Tim said

at 10:31 pm on Aug 3, 2006

Hmm.. more evidence of alfanfanar being able to reach the shield from the sickle... only this kingdom is mentioned as interacting with the shield during the sundered era..

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