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Celestial Entities of No Religious Affiliation (CENRAs)

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Celestial Entities of No Religious Affiliations (CENRAs)


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: -46 (Harmless) for super hot female CENRAs who wish to learn about love (usually from Holl'onnianya) to 176 (Incomprehensibly Nasty) for the legendary army of CENRAs that are harbingers of the end

Creature Families: Divine


The Celestial Entities of No Religious Affiliation, or CENRAs (or CENRAe) as they are commonly known, are the enigmatic angelic beings of the world. Despite their name, many do in fact serve deities of good, although still more serve the 'cause' of good itself (or at least their particular take on it).


Sages and Clergy members are all quite divided as to what CENRAs truly look like. Some say that they are androgynous beings of great beauty, others say that they are of more conservative and gender-specific appearance and relentlessly blonde, while still others insist that they are always bald and have skin the colour of precious gemstones or metals. Generally, they all have feathery wings.


People are also divided as to the motivations and dispositions of the CENRA. Those who serve and/or summon them insist that they are engines of perfect justice and goodness, while a good deal of others believe that they are self-righteous and arbitrarily sticking their glowing selves in places they don't belong. In the Elmenstor Saga, CENRAs appear only occasionally; usually to warn our protagonists of something of dire import. In the Wizbits' Japanese version they appeared quite often (there were 17 of them over the course of the series), yet in the American release they were all removed and spliced together for the Wizbits Christmas Adventure special, which was aired only once and is very difficult to get ahold of (the individual in charge of its production is claimed to have said something about "smashing every copy of it with a hammer").


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