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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

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Billing itself as the premiere repository of Epic Legends information (that anybody can edit), the web site combines slick interface with comprehensive information.


The editors of Century of Fire (a name based on the ELotH era by the same name) claim to have a "strategic alliance" with Realmworlds Publishing, and are in some way an erstwhile part of that publishing conglomerates marketing machine.


The Conflict

When CoF first launched, there was an active effort made to poach active fan contributors from this community (the community that now makes its home with the good people of pbwiki) and vocal coffers (as contributors to CoF have come to be known) constantly reinforcing that "you can't be member of both communities" (often calling those people "bridgers," using it in the ELotH canon derogatory sense).


The "sellout" nature of that other website (as it is often referred to on this wiki), the siccophantic fanboyistic tone of most of the articles (genuine critiques of the quality of the works are rare), and the open competativeness and hostility toward this community have lead to a very real animosity between the two communities.



Did you see that other website has started going through all their pages and marking the non-core canon entries as Extended Realm?
I feel like there should be some note about the animosity between the pbwiki community (an offshoot of the ambulatorydresserdotnet community) and the smarmy folks over at CoF.
when i go to this site i get a godaddy ad? wtf?
That's funny.. it works fine for me! Perhaps they're having name table issues?
ok, I've added a bit about the relationship between us and the coffers

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