Cerulean Citadel

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The Cerulean Citadel


In the Cerulean Citadel, a daunting structure carved from the entirety of Mont Elim (see also: Mount Wor), one Grand Elemenstor of each cardinal element – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – teaches those with the gift, or the Knack, for High Elemenstation. The Citadel is the primary school of the great Fathom League Schools.


A vast diamond shaped structure, the bulk of which was carved from the mountain itself, it hangs above a giant crater at the top of the Mont, suspended by powerful gears and a four massive bridges, each magically constructed from one of the four primary Elements. From the top of the structure spiral tall Ice spires. At the top of the highest spire is the Ivory Chamber, where there are four elaborate ironwork chairs for each of the four Grand Elemenstors that run the school.


Marbled all along its outside of the Cerulean Citadel are rivers of lava that spill off down into the crater, making for quite a striking spectacle at night.


The School was founded by the Four Underdogs, who were the first Grand Elemenstors. The gradual construction of the Citadel is portrayed throughout the greater part of ElamenSTAR Season 4. The Citadel is finally completed in the episode, "Well-Hung Wang Chung," which is (not coincidentally) the 100th episode of the anime (ignoring, of course, the rumored existence of Episode 79-and-a-Half).


ELoth:TES Magazine provided an interesting Cerulean Citadel Course Catalog that collected the various courses referenced through the various canon sources.


This continues for a while. The 102-level and above classes mostly consist of very long research paper assignments which the students must turn in to the teacher. The final exam is destroying the unread pile of papers they have turned in using the Element of their choice. Many students break down sobbing during the final exam. All Earth, Water, Air, and Fire courses 100 to 113 are required to graduate, however. The tuition fees for these courses are, of course, artificially inflated.


Ice Elemenstation has relatively little coverage and is in fact an elective, though the Ice Appreciation Club is rather prominent and, in the words of one teacher, is consistent of "the biggest coalition of onanistic assholes I have ever seen." They are opponents of the Water Anti-Defamation League, also situated at the school. Hazing is frequent.


Close relationships between students and their teachers were frowned upon for many years at the Citadel (thanks mostly to the lecherous behavior of Wendel, the first Grand Elemenstor of Fire). Even so, after the Ukriel the Wise and Lusty Incident, teachers and students were allowed to fraternize freely.


The vast Greater Elemenstor Public Library is housed within the Citadel. The significantly less public Forbidden Library is also within the Citadel.


In year 26,780 (TUE) the Cerulean Citadel was destroyed in a catastrophic earthquake. A disaster of Epic proportions. Over the next few thousand years, the ruins of the Citadel were slowly uncovered; after the loss and recovery of high elemenstation (as seen in The Ending Times), the remaints of the Citadel were used to test recovered gears, although it never fully recovered (at least by the year 39,999 1/2). It was also the site of a massive fight that emerged at the base of Mount Wor shortly before the betrayal of Princess Crystalcrown, who thought the brutal fight was a quaint peasant festival and thus did not notice or care.

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