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Chambermouse the Forgiving

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Chambermouse the Forgiving



Just after the long and angry reign of Lawmaker Polinor the Unkind and Unexpected came to a strangely peaceful end, Chambermouse the Forgiving took office as new Lawmaker. A man of many touchy, feely words, Chambermouse the Forgiving was initially known for granting pardons after extraordinarily long and mostly boring speeches about how "Love is all we need".


It was just after one of these speeches that Euldere the Bumpkin hurled the now infamous insult,"Your hat looks like the phallus of a Floog!" and started The Third Cycle War of Funny Name-Calling. What followed was a brutal series of shouting matches and drinking games which resulted in Euldere's execution and Chambermouse's offial title being changed to Chambermouse the Crybaby.

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