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Chanteuse Grass

Page history last edited by Tim 13 years, 11 months ago

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Chanteuse Grass


Musical blades of grass. The closer together the blades are placed, the higher the pitch they make; the further apart they are, the grass emanates a lower volume.


The Minotaur were said to have made musical instruments out of them, and to have grazed certain areas of the Plains of Yymp for the specific purpose of creating soothing music. Unfortunately, they also thought Chanteuse Grass was quite tasty, and pleasant sounds made them even more mouth-wateringly attractive. The instruments and soundscapes they created were typically short-lived.


In a passage of EL:MtF, Squeak Dog observes the famous Minotaur musician, Singing Uurhh grazing a particularly soothing symphony from a great expanse of these grasses.

Comments (2)

Tim said

at 7:11 pm on Jun 7, 2006

has anybody read mudlake the forester? I can't remember which one that is.. after a while they all sort of run together..

Horseshoe said

at 7:32 pm on Jun 7, 2006

It's in my archives somewhere... if I remember correctly it's set during the Dwarven Wars. Mudlake, a Forester of Mandleclang, has been sent to catalogue the trees of Portund (of which there are basically none) and meets up with an amnesiac Savannah Ranger (presumably Errath Southwind). The ranger believes himself to be Minotaur, and the Minotaur are training him to be a Shaman (presumably, this is what passes as humor in the Minotaur culture). They end up clashing with rebellious Mud Men in Portund and must pursue them into the catacombs beneath the Mardath Highlands in order to retrieve a stolen Minotaur Totem. I don't recall exactly how the Dwarven Wars themselves figure into this, nor at what point Quailheart pokes his head into the book... I'll see if I can find it and make a post to the wiki later.

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