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Char Reyarteb

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Char Reyarteb


The infamous immortal Elemenstor who easily took hold of the world -- under the dominion of the Starborn Gem.


Early Days


Born in the year 15,670 under the name of Petago Kerrik, he who would be later known and feared as the most powerful Elemenstor in the universe showed great promise in the mystic force of what would later be known as Elemenstation. Because of his proficiency in Elemenstation, the Kerrik family greatly feared their son, abusing him both verbally and physically, hoping to keep his innate powers in check. Yet, despite the abuse that he was forced to endure every day, Petago survived -- perhaps due to the nature of his abilities.


Beginnings and Ends


When Kerrik reached the age of thirteen, he escaped from his hell of a home, and lived in the streets of the desert oasis-town, Unothath. Any conscious ability to direct his powers was deeply submerged, and memories of the ability to "make things happen" were but a distant childhood memory half believed to have been a dream. Forced to steal food to survive, one day his theft was discovered by the vengeful Dragonapple stallsman Gormeo Capugue. Fearing for his safety, Kerrik fled to a small sanctuary of the Chambre Pacificum, seeking refuge. Unfortunately, the priest there, the Father Sancturion, tossed the boy back onto the streets like a common criminal. Petago was enraged, but before revenge could be exacted by the angry teenager, a mysterious wizened old man stepped seemingly from nowhere. The man was none other than the finder of the Starborn Gem, the great Harbinger Portent, who thought he saw some glimmer of Kerrik's lost skill. Portent proclaimed (with little ceremony) Kerrik his very first student of High Elemenstation. He paid Gormeo Capugue for the dragonapples, excused themselves to the Sancturion and wisked his new student away. Making good on his promise to teach Kerrik all that he could, he began a grueling lesson plan for the boy immediately. Soon after that Kerrik met a girl named Nallah, and Petago's life became a blur of days spent learning from the Harbinger, and nights spent running free and wild with Nallah.


It was during the countless years of training that followed that Kerrik's legendary Serpent-Battlestaff Siezor was created by the might of the Starborn Gem. Before this, Petago briefly wielded the Water Moon Demon Blade, but felt that the weapon was far too weak for his tastes, as the Starborn Gem offered far more power than the Water Moon Demon Blade. Also, during this time, Petago took the name Char Reyarteb, shedding his past like a distasteful garmet, and Nallah became Lady Absinthia.


Immediately after Kerrik became proficient at the art of High Elemenstation, Portent began to wonder if he had made some error in teaching Char his art. Reyarteb's power seemed to be limitless, and everything that Portent taught his pupil, Reyarteb immediately mastered. In fact, Reyarteb seemed to use the powers of High Elemenstation -- and thus the Starborn Gem -- with far more power than one would have thought possible. None the less, Portent continued to diligently teach his student. They travelled the width and bredth of The Shield, wherever there was a scrap of arcane knowledge to be learned, new research being done, or an object lession to demonstrate the workings of the natural world. They traveled to many places, some well known (Great Stronghold of Anhelm for instance), and others obscure (e.g. Western Bank).


Eventually, Portent began to ponder exactly what to do with the increasingly dark demeanor of his student, and in the year 17,904, Portent sent his eager pupil away with words of great praise, hoping against all hope that Reyarteb would never know why his teacher had done such a thing.


The Unsundering and Reformation


However, in the six years between the disownment of Reyarteb and the beginning of the Century of Fire, Char Reyarteb and Lady Absinthia amassed an extreme amount of power through unknown means. With dreams of total power, Char eliminated his former teacher in a bid for immortality from the Starborn Gem. Indeed, the artifact granted him that privilege and many more besides, including the ability to summon various monsters from the earth of Battal, but also forced Reyarteb to submit to the sentient will of the Starborn Gem. Dominated by the Starborn Gem, Char killed his long-time companion and lover, Lady Absinthia, then went on to reform all of Battal to his own -- or rather the Gem's -- liking, and thus the only singlehandedly-done conquest of the world was done.


Reyarteb's Defeat


Finally at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom, in the year 19,116, the Four Underdogs managed to, with the aid of the spirit of Harbinger Portent (now known only as the Ocumen) and the raw power of Aklom Reklats (a splinter of the Starborn Gem), defeat and seemingly destroy the immortal Reyarteb. Peace seemed to be restored to the world, and yet not a soul believed that the tyrant was truly gone -- after all, the Starborn Gem was nowhere to be found.


Reyarteb's Return and the Hierarch Wars


In the year 23,354 - over four millennia since Reyarteb was seemingly destroyed by the Four Underdogs - teenager Sierra Vanity inherited the Old House of Eyekia Lane. Little did she know that the spirit of Reyarteb, lost and weakened, had seized hold of the house in a bid to avoid being discorporated entirely (the Starborn Gem's control over Reyarteb had long been broken, as the gem itself was heavily damaged). Something in Vanity awoke this dreaming, malevolent ghost - the time for his return to the lands of Battal was nigh. Elemenstors throughout the world felt the disturbance created by this new evil, and quickly gathered once more.


In the years that followed, many dark armies were formed by Reyarteb's sinister Furniliars, the Doorknob Marshals, and laid waste to many armies and cities. These yearicles were known as the Hierarch Wars. A last-ditch botched exorcism of the Old House in 23,401 only resulted in Reyarteb's spirit taking corporeal form once more. Reyarteb immediately headed for the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow to summon his old ally, MooMaa the Dyemon-Ghost - who he believed would give him the upper hand in the Hierarch Wars.


However, a rag-tag band of Elemenstors and a hastily raised army representing many of the peoples of Battal barred his way. In the epic Battle of Freedom's Peril, Char defeated many Elemenstors, but was finally vanquished by Sierra Vanity's son Ron - later Ronard the Medium, of the line of Magic Sword Kings. The Elemenstors swore that they could find no trace of Reyarteb's spirit even though that was exactly what the wisest sages of Battal had said the previous time Reyarteb was defeated. Though they thought Reyarteb was eliminated forever, with the rediscovery of the long-lost Starborn Gem in the sands of the Unothath Desert, it suddenly seemed all the more probable that Reyarteb would most definitely return.


In ElamenSTAR Shuffle, there is an Alternate Char Reyarteb.


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