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Chasm of Eternal Sorrow

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Chasm of Eternal Sorrow


Note: Not related to the Plane of Infinite Weeping Sorrow.


Important Features

Cliffs of razor-sharp obsidian, rivers of sulfurous water, skies painted blood red, sand made from the crushed bones of the dead, word-warping acoustics, all can be found in the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow. The Chasm is the one geographical constant found in the entire Elemenstor Saga, and no fewer than 27 epic battles have occured on this tiny corner of the world. Its thousand-foot tall obsidian walls and sulferous waters make military maneuvers difficult at best, but the epic aura of the place nevertheless draws battles to it. The sheer number of armies that met their fates within the cliffs has cursed the entire surrounding area. Ordinary men go mad after just a few days of traveling in the Chasm. However, the battles that take place there are renowned for the extraordinarily formal and polite language used therein- sources differ as to the origin of that politeness.


Legend says that all the hate and chaos of the world is born within this twisted and blighted land, but if a person can enter this realm and overcome their own personal demons they will be granted a power great enough to change the world. This was the premise of the graphic novel series Evolution of Eternal Sorrow. More practical knowledge holds that if you overcome your personal demons you will still be eaten by more tangible ones inhabiting the Chasm.


Native Residents

The Annelida are a race of burrowing worms who eke a miserly existence on the powdered marrow that forms the layered strata of parts of the Chasm floor. There are hints in various places of strange weapons and artifacts of war that come from the chalky depths in their stony-skinned bellies. They are rumored to devour the flesh of those who speak disrespectfully while in the Chasm. This is one possible explanation for the extreme politeness of battles in the Chasm (see above).


History of the Region

The Chasm of Eternal Sorrow is a byproduct of the creation of the Darkrift between Battal and the planes of Elmether.


Before becoming the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow, it was known as The Valley of the Giants.


Graphic Novels

The origins of the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow are chronicled in the graphic novel series Evolution of Eternal Sorrow.


Important Events that occured in the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow

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