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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 61 (Horrifically Nasty)

Creature Families: Magimal, Chimeric, variable others


A bat-winged quadruped with three to four varying heads. The heads typically resemble those of some other creature. Common alternate heads include lions, goats, dragons, eagles, bulls, and serpents. They are capable of storing large amounts of water in their bodies for trekking across deserts and then regurgitating the liquid at high speeds to wash away attackers.


Chromosaurs are actually incredibly intelligent and love to inflict pain. Their bat-wings shimmer like rainbows in sunlight and give the illusion of them having eyes on their wings, which helps them ward off prey and attract mates.


Chromosaurs can take to the air and glide for short amounts of time and prefers to hunt by swooping down from the air and landing roughly on their intended targets. They dwell at the edge of deserts or in oases.


Chromosaurs have a silver-colored spot on their backs. Touching this spot in any way will knock one unconscious for hours, for reasons which have yet to be discovered.

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