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The Chronoclave


The Chronoclave is an organization devoted to the preservation of chronology, not as historians do, but as gatekeepers; they prevent others from poking their nasty dirty fingers into the flowing stream of Time, so to speak. Powerful individuals from many different time periods will found/have founded/are founding it. Because of its membership, it has no real date of origin; it is said to be in the eternal Yet, which follows the eternal Now. Its membership will/has/does include kings of the line of King Ronard, sages of the Moonlit Order, Elemenstors of all types, Littleospohers and even several uncorrupted (?) sorcerials. Harbinger Portent is most notably not a member of the Chronoclave, as he is considered by most of its members to be "a smartass."


The whole reason for the Chronoclave's existence is to restrict time travel, since they view the integrity of timenes as the goodest of all goodnesses. As seen in The Glaivemistresses of Arvalyyon, time travel makes a huge mess of things. This may be the event that triggers the Chronoclave's founding (or it may not, because it is/was/will be founded in several time periods, blah blah, you get the idea).


The Chronoclave holds court on the Spaghetti Plane of the Elmether, which is "outside time". It is named as such for the complicated strands and thread of timelines visible to those who enter the plane.


"The Chronoclave" may also refer to the building where the organization meets, in the western part of the aforementioned plane; hence its location being given as "Spaghetti Western."


Chronosorcellors are strictly divided into two camps based on their affiliation with the Chronoclave: those who are members of the Chronoclave, who use their powers to maintain the order of time, and Rogue Chronosorcellors who will bear no restrictions on the use of timesorc'ley. Episode 05, Season 3 of the Wizbits cartoon implied the existence of impartial Chronosorcellors, who seek to neither protect nor subvert the flow of time. This was one of the less-popular decisions made by the cartoon, and most fans chose to write it off at the time as a non-canon moment. Alternatively, attempts have been made to rationalize the implications as a lie - after all, the man who uttered them was Fregor the Untruthful, one of the least reliable men on the face of Battal.


The existence of the impartial Chronosorcellors was later confirmed in Book 11. These impartial Chronosorcellors, (which include Yar the Sorcerial by the end of the book) also expressed doubt that there was much risk of long lasting meddling in the timestream, due to the mechanics of Banachronation being revealed by Fyar Duliec in order to save the (real) Yar.


"It seems like the chances of you seeing your future self in a common inn are quite high."


"Indeed. Should that come to pass, time would shatter like a window, creating billions of "Reality Shards", which would act as temporal prisms, giving birth to a multitude of warring universes. These universes would be suspended in a sea of un-time." -- Tower Spiralstair




That is one of my favorite quotes from a member of the Chronoclave about the dangers of time travel. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact chapter/book reference, as I lost many of my notes when I was switching from 5¼" disks to 3½", perhaps someone else can fill that in? —Mooninaut
Sorry, but I don't recall this quote from any canon material I've read, and this is very different from the way timesorc'ly seems to work in ELotH:TES. The only way for this to make sense would be even more series-wide retconning of chronoclones and the like. Or perhaps you're referring to Temporal Elimenstation (provided that it is actually distinct from timesorc'ly, which I maintain is still somewhat in doubt)? —PeterBurns
I'm not sure if the quote is canon, either...it seems to go against the Byar-Coynkadence conjecture.
The confusion comes from the fact that it was actually the Chronosorcellor Tower Spiralstair who said this to an unnamed associate at the beginning of Wizbits Episode 5, Season III.

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anybody know which ronardian king was a member of the chronoclave?

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