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At times, when Chronosorcellors perform multiple Banachronations multiple times to the same time period, a copy, spawned by the simultaneous existance of multiple instances of the same Chronosorcellor in the same time period, can be spawned. This process, while seemingly rather redundant, usually serves to needlessly duplicate the efforts of the Chronosorcellor who has been Chronocloned. Normally, this process is harmless, and has little or no ill effect.


It has been surmised that this effect is a back-up failsafe of the universe itself, to prevent the Byar-Coynkadence conjecture from being disproven. Evidence of this exists in Book 11, when the Chronoclave detains Yar the Sorcerial, but later find the detainee to have been Yar's Chronoclone. Had the real Yar been detained, Yar would not have been able to nullify the effects of his own Banachronation, and the Byar-Coynkadence conjecture would be disproven.

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