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Those who practice timesorc'ley. All Chronosorcellors in Battal trace their initiation into the art through a lineage of Master Chronosorcellors back or forwards to Yar the Sorcerial.


In order to learn the art of timesorc'ley, all Chronosorcellors are forced to journey through the timeline on a quest to eventually challenge and defeat their own grandfather in martial combat, thereby challenging their own existence. This helps a Chronosorcellor to affirm their place in the realm and avoid any fluctuations that may erase themselves from the timeline. These trials were created after the unfortunate case of Bigby the Time'lyest, who mastered space and time to become Lord of All Times and the most powerful being in several dimensions. No one remembers him because he accidentally threw his great-great-grandfather into a screaming yarlon cavern and thus ceased to be. He risked doing this to ensure that his ancestor did not become the even-more time'lyest force for evil and because he thought it would be funny.

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