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Cinnamon Sprig Dry Cheese

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Cinnamon Sprig Dry Cheese


Discovered by Summelhaag No Longer the King through the use of the Ring of Surprising Twists, this delicious dessert cheese has been a favorite of the denizens of Battal since its discovery. However the discovery of this fantastic new cheese had its price as Summelhaag was quickly deposed as the King of The Kingdom of Yymp due to the shadowy workings of the Cheese Barons of Middleclang. It was in fact the warrioress Zah'Nee who caused Summelhaag's downfall after she slept with Summelhaag in exchange for all of his cheese (she had been given a taste of Cinnamon Sprig Dry Cheese by the Cheese Barons who had suspected that she would develop an strong affinity for the tasty treat). This loss of all his cheese caused the citizens of The Kingdom of Yymp to depose their leader due to an archaic Yympian law stating that the King must have at least one piece of cheese once a day.


Cinnamon Sprig Dry Cheese is a sweet dessert cheese that is either presented alone or typically served with Iced Lactose Treat, Yympian Sauce, or stale crackers.


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