City of Kimono

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City of Kimono

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The capital city of the Wang Kingdom, Kimono surrounds the Imperial Palace and faces the The High August Jade Lotus Imperial Plains on the West.


The City of Kimono is divided by three large walls. The first wall, a large, square structure made of limestone, surrounds the entire city and is the first line of defense during attack. The outer areas of the city are seperated from the inner, wealthier areas by a second wall, made largely of wood and stones. Finally, a third wall of marble encircles the Imperial Palace in the center of the city. The castes separated by these walls as well as the compositions of the walls themselves are described at great length in the novel, The Golden Wang.


During it's peak, a government census put the population of Kimono at ten thousand men, women and children. However, the city has grown significant smaller since the passing of the last Emperor. It is a sign of the respect the people of Kimono have for the Emperors that they do not enter the Imperial Grounds, even though they have been empty for so many years.


At a small, unnamed tavern or inn (or back-alley brothel) in Kimono, the Prophetic Old Wardrobe delivered its prophecy of The Dark Furniture Prince to the Traveling Salesman, Priest, two cats and Sofa that became The Brotherhood of the Wardrobe.