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Claw Shrimp

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Claw Shrimp


"Big claws on 'em. Live real deep. Big as a man."--Croozy Splar Inderson, fisherman


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 22 (Very Nasty)

Creature Families: Aquatic


The claw shrimp are among the most fearsome aquatic life in Battal, known for their viciousness. Much larger variations on their mundane cousins, the thumb-splitters, claw shrimp are indeed the size of men, and armed with gigantic claws capable of rending through even the Armor of Fullchesthood, thanks to their inability to be aroused by human women. They dwell in the deepest part of the Bay of Cream and rarely rise to the surface to threaten men, though they bring much misery when they rise. They are a common foe of the Dolphinthropes.


It is well known that P'km'n the Hungry proved his might one day by slaying a claw shrimp from a small colony that reached Small Puddle. Whilst resting in a port town, he ordered some of the town's shrimp, only to find that he had not enough money to purchase what he wanted. Borrowing a spear, he lept into the sea and emerged three minutes later with a slain claw shrimp, unharmed. He crispy-fried the beast and ate it on the spot; hence his title, The Hungry.

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