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Cloud Arrows

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Cloud Arrows




From The Magic Sword Kings Period. A rare, storybook item of regular spine length, the cloud arrow, when fired, downed clouds. Rickett's and Toby's Guide notes that "one arrow has never been thought to be enough to practice cloud felling, to properly wound the cloud, and that common lack of wisdom places the number at five."


From The Fires of Mount Windice:


Horatio took aim at the cloud, and fired. The arrow passed a tree, scattering perched birds, and disappeared into the white. After a moment, there was a thunk, and a quiet scream. The cloud began to descend, creaking over its axis and onto its side, a large boat stumbling through water, and gaining movement, it nose-dived -- a thousand-foot fluffy spike -- toward the ground. Looking up, grazing fbeasts crooned in dismay, but refused to move from their eatery patch. The cloud crashed upon the ground, made no noise, and spread out across the field.


Horatio slowly backed away.


"Hey," Bibee, turning around, asked. "Where did this fog come from?"

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