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Clown's are very evil cannibalistic people who dress up in colorful clothes and make up. Clown's hide in dark places like holes in the ground and lure children to their death with promises of toys and sweets. The clown usually kills his victim by eating him/her alive. Most clown's are very skilled loons, and thus normal people evade clown's at all costs.


No one is sure about the motivation of these evil people. Many people theorize them to be actually the embodiments of evil itself. Others say that they are simply incurably insane killers.


Notable Clown's




This description of clowns doesn't seem to exactly give with all descriptions of clowns in canon.. is there more to this article? (specifically related to clowns as entertainment in travelling freakshows, and their ability to juggle?
Well certainly Clowns were involved in the Panther and Beetal's Circus of Phantasms that was run by the Wicked Wicker prior to and during the Second Great Elemenstation War. I honestly can't think of any "good" clowns in canon. However, I could be mistaken on that. Certainly Tycho Brahe has been quite verbal on his thoughts on clowns. -bfg00

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