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Cohor was the mythical First Sire of the Cohoris race. The various tribes of the Cohoris believe that they all decend from the First Sire and their class structures mirror this ancestry. He is usually depicted as a Cohoris wearing the number fourteen on his chest. He is described as a handsome, strong, Cohoris with brown skin, and light green hair.


The most famous tales of Cohor's might and bravery revolve around the fourteen great trials he was tasked with after mistakenly choosing the false Egg of Power and earning the wrath of the gods.


The goddess Olona was once in love with Cohor although he was unaware of the fact due to his only undoing: intense social awkwardness. Once Cohor chose the false Egg of Power, Olona was furious that she had been tempted by an imperfect mortal man and set Cohor upon the final and most grievous of the fourteen tasks in the Plane of Infinite Weeping Sorrow.


Cohor completed the fourteen great trials in time for supper and was granted reprieve by the gods, mostly because of the fact that they were annoyed and no longer wished to deal with him.


Later he married the goddess Linak and fathered the Cohoris race. The reason for this marriage was that Linak was so impressed with Cohor that she pretty much forced him into the marriage. It is obvious to all the gods that Linak wears the pants in this relationship.


It is of note that it is considered an extreme compliment among the Cohoris to compare a male to either Zhain or Cohor.



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