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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 7 months ago

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The new pbwiki identity thing is pretty cool. Check out the ELotH Specific PBwiki Icons


In case anybody is intered. Most Popular Pages


Hey... is this funny? Six Degrees of King Ronard


What happened today? Now, instead of RecentChanges, the button at the top that says "changes" takes you to http://elothtes.pbwiki.com/changes.php which is good on the one hand because it shows all the specific additions/subtractions made, but at the same time is a bit more busy and confusing to look at than the old one. Also, hitting "discuss" no longer allows me to see links to the latest discussions of all the threads over on the right side (something that I really liked).
We pushed a new update; you may notice that RecentChanges still exists while we experiment with making changes.php better. Please email support@pbwiki.com with your suggestions for what we should change/fix/keep about changes.php. As for the latest discussions no longer being included on the right, that's a bug. We're fixing it. Sorry! - DavidWeekly
I think the new style would be better implemented if it started off looking like the old style and you could expand each entry from there, expanding into the document revision history type of view. You could probably cap the old style at the last 50 changes too. The old RecentChanges is a great way of finding things and this new style just isn't as useful in that respect. They both do different jobs; RecentChanges shows you what's been changed recently, the new changes button shows you a document revision history that happens to be sorted newest first. ;) Both are certainly useful features and should exist alongside each other, but I think the old RecentChanges was better at the job of showing the recent changes than the new page is. --Simon.


Just so no one working to flesh out the 'Pen and Paper RPG' panics; don't worry about all the new classes added. Those are for the Classtravel Series, and consists entirely of stat-clones of the main RPG. So there's no need to devise new level advancement tables for them.


Sorry TychoCelchuuu I couldnt resist, PKF is Player Killer Faction.I just had to put it up.
It WAS immature... Plz Forgive me :( -PKF 647


Think we could use a graphic like this somewhere on the wiki?

Wow. Totally. How about on the front page, for links to fan-works? By which I mean fan art, project video game, etc. Those are pics for us all to be proud of. --R.S.
Your fanart rocks. Here's a humble suggestion for a button...


What's that? You say you want an Epic Legends of the Hierarchs T-shirt? Well why didn't you say so! Click on the link. :)


What do you guys think about red links that exist on the "list pages" but not anywhere else in the wiki? There are people, magical items, locations, etc. that are completely orphaned and without context. I think those lists are for collecting the people, things, and places mentioned elsewhere, or for adding something that you remember something about so that someone else can insert the link as to where it was mentioned. But what about these orphaned and dead end items? - tim
I don't mind it. They sit there until someone gets fed up with them, at which point they click the red link, write all this wonderful stuff about the item and link it to like 4 other pages in the wiki, and it's done. Sort of like 28th level Invisibility ring of Blood which had nothing to its name except a bit of description on Porkfry's page. It's not to hard to flesh these things out, and it's better than out and out deleting anything that didn't orginate somewhere specific. -TychoCelchuuu
A lot of them are ideas people thought up but couldn't quite remember or manage to flesh out into a full joke. I dunno. I've filled in more than a few. Some, like Armor of Flatchesthood, are great starting points: the name tells you what it does, and it's then easy to fit into canon. Some, like Y singe a songe about nothyng in particular are decent starting points; the name gives me at least a spark. But, on the other hand, some, like the "Grammarous Anorus" on the Weapons page, have absolutely no context and give the reader no clue as to what the original author intended. I don't know what a Grammarous Anorus is. I don't know where the author was going. And it's been around longer than I have, so I'm not sure it'll ever be filled in. -patkelly
I love those. I've been on both ends of it (filling in the description of a name someone else added, and dropping a name that someone else filled out) and I think they help stimulate creativity. If all someone can think of is the name of a hat, maybe someone else can swoop in and elucidate. -Montykins
Awesome.. glad I asked... by the way... anybody remember what Scrolls of the 18th Level are? -tim
I'll go fill out "Grammarous Anorus", I think it has something to do with Grammar and uhh...Anor?-Tanktunker
You just had to go prove me wrong, didn't ya, Tank? -patkelly
Expanded The Grammarous Anorus considerably. -Montykins
Thanks Montykins, very nice.-Tanktunker


The Requests for Deletion page is up. -patkelly


Just letting everyone know that I uploaded the Ice symbol (and some others) last night. I know it's taken me forever, but gimmie a break! Those things are hard to find! ~Lucres
Awesome! Thanks, Lucres. --R.S.


The thing is done.
That's good. Now how do I go about getting something deleted? I'm attempting some kind of coherence across the "The Wizbits Cartoon" and "ElamenSTAR", and The Drawers of Fate (Japanese) is now duplicated at The Drawers of Fate (Japanese Version) to match the other "versioned" episodes. So we need to delete The Drawers of Fate (Japanese)--it doesn't remove any content, just a duplicate page. Incidentally, if that means I get deletion access, that would be cool, but it's certainly not a requirement--there just doesn't seem any good place to request deletions. Maybe we need a deletions request page...? ~Kenneth Pike
I'd say link it to the orphan pages with a comment and it'll get nuked. That's already been the process even without any kind of different access levels. -tim
How would one request admin privileges? ~kertrats
Presumably if you're a regular contributor and find yourself needing to delete things fairly often, someone will notice that you should have the admin password. - tim


Awesome. Now Tycho, or someone else who, regardless of the means, has acess to his email, needs to change the Admin password. The Contributor password is like the old one, and unfortunetly, like the admin password, so we're only one step away. -Tanktunker
That's excellent! I sure wasn't looking forward to moving away from PBwiki. It's been really reliable, accessible, and user friendly since we've gotten here, and having a support staff who can engineer custom solutions to adapt the system to meet the needs of the community makes it that much better. The speed and ease of use here has made it so that anybody who has an inkling could drop in and contribute, and that's what it should be all about. Certainly glad this was resolved so quickly so we can get back to what we're really all here for... the only modern fantasy offering that can truly be described as Epic! - Tim
That is pretty cool; thanks, PBWiki! One question, though: the new FAQ says "Contributors can edit pages and revert pages to previous versions. .... Contributors don't need to be super-trusted, since they cannot perform any action that cannot be undone." Much of the vandalism we've had has been people just reverting the front page and then adding a new edit. Is there really going to be some way to undo that? There's still a warning window saying "You can't easily undo this". -Montykins
Probably a typo, since it can be easily undone, as the new edit becomes one of the revisions, no? -Tanktunker
The intent is that they should be easy to undo, yes. This latest release should make the whole process easier and more aggreeable for everybody here, but we were up really late pushing it out. Look for further refinement of this whole thing as we shake out the bugs. It's beta / early access for a reason :) -nathan
Solid. -Montykins
Yes, that's a typo - you can easly undo reversions now. We'll fix this language. - DavidWeekly
Tycho has dropped in the new passwords, so you might notice that with the usual password you're now not able to delete stuff. You have to be a special privileged user, which Tycho appoints. Hooray! - DavidWeekly


Hey! I just dropped by elothtes to see how ya'll were doing and thought when I saw the comments here I might add my 2 cents, fwiw. We noticed the vandalism going on here a while ago, so the first part of last week I wrote and dropped in code for a permission control system on the development server. This code is in fact already working behind the scenes on production, minus the UI, which has been disabled. Some details - for instance, regarding making the system understandable - still need to be handled, but it's really only a matter of time before the whole thing goes live. ~David Lovett
All right, so in light of this information, what do we think, guys? If this is workable, it would be much easier than jumping ship to MediaWiki, though MW still does have an attractive set of features. Mr. Lovett, do you have an estimate as to how long this will take? Not trying to be pushy, it's just that obviously the sooner the better on something like this. ~patkelly
Nathan from PBwiki here -- yep, we're working on it multilevel permissions. I'm reading through all of your comments here (elothtes is a prime candidate for this upgrade) and we'll hammer this out as soon as we can. patkelly, we're getting together tomorrow (wednesday) a.m. and right now this is my top priority. I'm hoping to have a code release or a firm timetable by tomorrow afternoon. In any event I'll post and update here as soon as we know more. Thanks! -nathan
Thanks, Nathan. That makes me feel much better about the situation. Certainly if our security problems are taken care of, the majority of the reasons for leaving are rendered moot. Now, once your permission controls are active, of course, the next step would be getting Mr. Holkins to determine who is granted administrative powers. But that is a minor question. -patkelly
I'm David Weekly, the founder of PBwiki. We're here to make sure that you guys get the custom engineering you need to have a viable wiki solution. This isn't just because we're Tycho & Gabe fanboys, although that's true too - it's because we know that we need to mature to have a solution that makes sense for large, popular wikis like Eloth:TES. We're honored you've come thus far with us. We're even ready to drop in some code special for Eloth:TES tonight to add in special permissioning to prevent spurious deletions. That's how dead on serious we are about helping you guys out. My cell phone is 415-336-2617; if you call between 11am and 11pm PST, I will talk with you about PBwiki and I'll field your input. Or email the PBwiki team at team@pbwiki.com. We are here for you.
Ok, we've dropped in Advanced Permissioning changes tonight just for Eloth:TES. You're our only wiki of 20,000+ to get it. I've sent info to Tycho - we have a preliminary FAQ at http://pbwiki.com/permsfaq.php too. - DavidWeekly
Tools that I'd still like to see:

Talk Pages: A place to discuss each article, instead of the in-line commenting we've been doing thusfar.

Differences History: A way to see not only who changed a page, but what was changed. Think we already have this. It's the bullet points next to each changed version along with the compare button -TychoCelchuuu Well, that's cool. ~kertrats

Categories: Keeping track of what articles are related to what topic would be much easier with a working categorization system.

What Links Here: A way to figure out what other pages reference a page, so that cross-referencing isn't broken by updating a page.

Any or all of these would make a huge leap forward for the site. ~kertrats

When I generate my broken links page, I also generate a list of non-broken links, but it's a big honkin' page. I'll link it here: every link -tim
Great suggestions, everyone - we're planning on building talk pages and backlinks. Although it'd be very difficult to guarantee realtime-backlinks, I think periodic generation (such as once a day or so) should be sufficient. We're also looking at making our diffs cooler. - DavidWeekly


On a lighter note... test your smarts... -tim


Looking for the archived vandalism discussion?


I filled in the linguistics, grammar, and some vocabulary for The War Men's Brutal, Guttural War-Tongue. I actually kinda like it. -patkelly
Awesome! Does anybody have any mp3s of somebody speaking War Men? I love the distinct sound of the language. -Tim
All right, I recorded myself saying the sample sentences. I should get a better copy up sometime tomorrrow, I'm a bit pressed for time and couldn't give the delicate inflections the attention they deserve. -patkelly
I heard that in the 2000 census in Australia so many people listed Shokurung as a second language on the forms that they had to include it in the census data. -tim
Oh yeah, I heard that too. I'm American, and there wasn't anywhere to put it, so I just scribbled it in the margins. -patkelly


Anyone know what the "biscuits" used as currency pre-SoJ are? Cookies? Rolls? Unglazed porcelain? Carpentry joints? Is it documented? If so, is it documented consistently ?


Should ELotH MMORPG, ELotH FPS, and TRotAL be merged into Wizbits videogames? -patkelly


Added today's comic. It does reference ELotH:TES on Tycho's magazine, but the link won't work right until the next comic is posted. -patkelly
What the heck magazine is he reading?? Is there an official ELotH:TES magazine?
What, you don't get ELotH:TES Magazine? I thought most of us here did.
Ah.. another case of Nose Blindness. -tim


What happened to unspeakable.jpg?
Damn. It. How many times do I have to reload the symbol image until this guy stops fucking with it? Is there any way to put an edit lock on that page? ~Lucres
Given that the obscene manipulation of the beloved Symbol has already left some of the more sensitive fans emotionally scarred, we might want to consider hosting the image on a secure site and linking to it from the wiki page. -Belda
I think someone already tried that, unfortunately. All he has to do is change the link on the symbol page. I've set up a discussion page to talk about the problem. Hopefully, we can fix this. ~Lucres


Can we move the book 13 1/2 elsewhere? Doesn't seem like it belongs listed with the cycle since it's not really canonical.
It's also debatable whether it was written by TB at all, though the writing style is similar to earlier works - Xaph


Thanks for your proofreading help, Proofreader Boy. Dan.
Seconded! Good to have someone around with the time and dedication to do it (and tolerance for the sheer boredom of it). kmr


Where is the front page?!


If you have comments about PBwiki itself (and not ELotH:TES), please send them to team@pbwiki.com! We're very proud that you guys have chosen to use our wiki solution and are here to help you. - David Weekly, CEO of PBwiki


Can the person who did The Elemental Wheel Image Please shoot me an e-mail? Porkfry at Porkfry.com Thanks much!


Nice photo Tim, I love the way the 2004 suede-bound illustrated editions look; my girlfriend's buying me the whole set of that edition for xmas. -Xaph


Hey guys, I just received my copy of Book 2 from off of ebay! I added a whole bunch of info after thumbing through it for a bit an refamiliarizing myself with it. Here's a pic of the book! (missing the dust jacket) -tim


Good point.. I've modified the Elemenstor page to briefly describe what an elemenstor actually is, and linked it into the introduction page. -tim


Shouldn't the Elemenstors Introduction page say what Elemenstors are somewhere? The closest I've seen was on the Elemanifestations page, where it says that they are, by nature, summoners/channelers. -kevin w


Ah...are the two different etiquette discussions intentional, or should I merge them? -patkelly


For Hierarchs' sake, just decide on the one layout of the page! - Jake
I scanned the Strategy Guide. ~Lucres


Got it. You delete pages through the "all pages" menu. Dan


I'm sort of confused as to how to delete a page. If you can please delete the Rare interview page. Done, thanks.


Current estimates place me at 98%, actually. But thanks! ~Lucres


Lucres, you rock 100%. --R.S.


Here's a scan of the Element Wheel on the cover. I'll see if I can upload the full cover tonight. ~Lucres



Ooh! I lost all of my old card manuals. I don't have any of these pics anymore.

Say, Tim or Lucres, would either of you happen to have a really big scan of these pics? I could put such a scan to very good use. -- R.S.


This one's from the back of the 2002 CCG manual, right? I always preferred the circular one myself. -Xaph


I'll shrink the original image to PSP-friendly size later tonight (I don't have access to Photoshop until then, unfortunatly). I'm a DS man, myself, so I never thought that size might cause problems. ~Lucres


Feel free to change the sidebar image again (not attached to this one at all), just make sure it's about this size, rather than the size of the other one. By the by.. the entry for Yar seems to be the correct one again... either it was a strange browser cache problem, or somebody fixed it. -Tim


I noticed the sidebar changed. Too bad, I preferred the old one. -patkelly


Changes that I made to Yar the Sorcerial last night have vanished... Any idea if the changes were reverted intentionally? -Tim


I uploaded a smaller image for the sidebar because over the weekend I was using my psp to browse the site and the graphic was just way too big!


A link to that wonderful televised interview transcript in the James Langomedes page is more than enough reference. Removing link from the front page, and the author should consider deleting his Rare interview intro page. On a more general note, I think a "what's new" section on the front page should be discouraged. This is a compendium of recalled knowledge, not a fan-run news site. -mtdew


Thanks to whoever made or found those maps. You put Mandleclang right where it was supposed to be!--Knighten


Deleted the sponser link on the front page. Near as I can tell, no one knows anything about it (save for maybe player killer faction himself, and now the link is broken anyway. Unless someone can explain who this sponser is, it should remain deleted -mtdew


Nice find, Lucres! We've been looking for that darn symbol for ages. I wasn't allowed to scan in the Encyclopaedia Elemenstorus images, so I just drew fanart based on one of the Widestagger images: I've dropped it in the Wutel page. Keep up the fanart and scans, people! -Edcrab


I've just added a scan of my first edition paperback of book one to the appropriate page. The hardcover is exactly the same. Aside from being a hardcover, obviously. - Xaphod


I like it, personally. - Evan


I've gone ahead and added a scan of the Elemenstation symbol to the sidebar. Check out the bigger version here, and let me know what you think. ~Lucres


That fanart is awesome. I'm impressed. -Lone Pawn


So, I was scannin' in some fanart when I realized...I don't know where to put it. As of this moment I am puttin' the pics with the appropriate character pages. However, should I maybe create a fanart page instead? ^_^; ~ Dryope


Looks like the wiki's been upgraded to Premium, but now all the files have gone!


Is there any reason for the sponsor link on the front page? It should either be deleted or explained. - mtdew


Main page looks fine to me. If you ever log in and it's been desecrated by Furnies or something, you can always revert to the version just before that. -TychoCelchuuu


Just a quick question...what the hell happened to the main page?


Yeah, sometimes its hard for me to admit some of the imperfections in ELotH:TES to myself. Like a young lover, I often remember only the best, the glory, the adventure, the Epic...the fact of the matter is that the actual series was pretty warty ...as well as disturbingly hairy... in parts. Its hard to admit the imperfections of something so cherished by all of us. -dan


Whoever this TychoCheluu chap is, he's obviously going around and replacing my completely canonical references to the swords with haberdashery of the highest order. Anything you construe as "overtly bad puns" are probably more Brahe's fault (and the character of Gragnakas' fault) than mine. I'm just keeping this wiki up to date with all the canon that I can remember or scrape together from my amazing collection. Bad puns? Perchance, but not by me my friend. Not by me. -TychoCelchuuu


Are you sure that's humor? My recollection's not all that great, but I kinda remember it more or less that way. I believe the high fates do have a great sense of humor. It makes the epic seriousness all the more epic. -patkelly


I think some of the fanfic humour that Xanitross and TychoCheluu is getting mistaken for canon. The stuff that's going into from the 100 Swords of Sepathok pages is just a bunch of overtly bad puns. Can someone who's actually read the Sepathok books fix it? ~Pxtl


I put the Tides of Epic Conflict Saga on the Front Page in the Literature Section, as it seems slightly more weighty than the other things in the Other Elemenstor Literature section (having its own background, cross-referenced character list, special items, a complex story, etc.) but if anyone disagrees, please move it back immediately -patkelly.


hold up, when I changed the colour scheme in "settings" - it changed it for the whole wiki? whoa. Sorry. At any rate, is there any way to traceback on this wiki? To see what pages are linking to a given page?


Can we go back to the greenish color scheme please? It was much easier on the eyes.


Heh, thanks for the stuff you're doing, too. Lucres just did some great stuff with the disputes page. dan.heck


dan.heck, you are a god. Thank you for your upkeep work. -patkelly


Similar to the Roig page is the problematic drinking and pill binge page. I personally think this is just Scott Kurtz trying to slander Tycho's good name. He always was jealous of Tycho for winning the elohtes contract. In another vein, I think there's some confusion - the original Wizbits card game wasn't a CCG, it was converted into one during the CCG boom in 1996. Although a lot of people trade the original cards as CCG cards, the game wasn't originally designed as such. ~Pxtl


Okay, I'm not a fan of this Roig page either in its current form. So I re-embedded the Roig Syndrome in a new rumors page. With some edits that contextualize the whole thing, we can probably re-make this as a report on a rumor that is occassionally circulated, but completely unsubstantiated. How does that work for you guys? dan.heck


What is the deal with The Roig Syndrome and the Tale of Book Nine? I can't find any mention of this "interview" in my sources. Also, I'm a doctor (okay, a nurses' aid), and I've never heard of "Roig Syndrome". I propose that we move this entry from the History section to a new Rumor section. This would also provide a place for the various conspiracy theories that have cropped up lately. ~Lucres


To Tim- You're absolutely right; the Oriental Tales do not affect the rest of the timeline in a very significant way, other than a few things (like The Cardboard Tube of Unusual Sharpness and Popularity). As explained in the entry for the Wang Kingdom, the area was very isolationist, and most of its major events are internal.


I seems as though everything Wang doesn't have a lot of connection to the rest of the world. Is there much crossover between the Oriental Tales and the rest of the timeline/geography/characters/history? -Tim


And I agree with everything that's been said about me. I wholeheartedly apologize, and promise to remain humble from now on. I agree I was both out of line and inappropriate. I'm sorry to everyone I offended, and am working to undo what I deleted. Again, I'm sorry. -patkelly


I agree with Ch0p. patkelly is being overzealous with the deleting. He's acting like he knows everything there is about ELotH:TES. Nobody knows everything about our beloved fantasy world, which is why this wiki exists. -Izzy


PatKelly needs to stop running rampant and killing pages right and left. I can understand you trying to do good, but cmmon man. Anything with the 'wang mountains' can't be that serious. Also, you seem to be under the false assumption I added myself to the wiki. Next time, before you go about deleteing and dereferencing, check the revisions. -Ch0p


What's this "Sponsor" page about? It's just a graphic that says "PKF." What's PKF? -TychoCelchuuu


I just checked the CCG section and you're right, the initial releases of the pre-1996 cards have been missed off. Guess it was written by someone who came in at the Gangster Octopus era. This needs fixing - Xaphod.



The First CCG came first, but the first sets of the CCG were re-released in 1996 to coincide with the release of Wizbits. The new cards brought in after then were directly inspired by both events in the Anime and Tycho's novellas including the use of both cartoon art and segments of cover art from the Cycle. It's a cycle of incfluences, and I can understand you getting confused... - Xaphod.


I'm confused. In the Noob Page, it says that the CCG was created first. However, on the CCG Page, it says the game is based on the anime, which is based on Tycho's novellas, which is said to be based on the CCG? Could this be a instance of real life timesorc'ley?!



That's pretty damn neat Gabe, although it's a pity the inked stuff isn't so readibly available. I'm not an especially big Wizbits fan, but I recognise a good find when I see it! But man, anyone know if you'd be allowed to scan some of the books' cover art? The Legacy of the Wutel novella had a friggin' awesome picture of the K-W-C lot striking a pose. My only qualm? They painted Lord Kinlo man-height. I mean, he's even taller than a Wutel Warriorlock! And the Wutel were painted brown, and they're only red or black!! WTF?!?! ... Anyway, a scan might be allowed since it wasn't strictly canon... -Edcrab


Added some original Wizbits artwork I had laying around. I bought a bunch of this stuff off eBay a few years back. I’ll try and scan some more when I have time. It’s in the Wizbits section for now. -- Gabe



Was linked here from r.a.e.. not many on there anymore. You guys may remember me from parchment-cylinder.org and ambulatorydresser.net before Realmworlds got them closed down. I think I'm misremembering what the main arguments FOR and AGAINST The Parchment Cylinder and The Tube of Unusual Sharpness and Popularity being the same weapon were.. been a while and I had to reformat my computer since. Can someone fill that in. - Xaphod



Alright, the first season of Wizbits is filled in with the basics. People more knowlegeable about the particulars can do the rest. -Eric Allen


Is this stuff about Space Vixens and the Poultocracy canon? I consider myself to be an expert in the Hierarchy period (although mainly the Darkstorm), but I'm not sure I remember Astro Vixens.

Astro/Space Vixens and the Poultacracy are fan fiction. -Delduwath


I found a MAJOR problem in the timeline that needs to be corrected. The 100 swords of sepathok are forged 12000 years after Shezdor's legendary quest to find them. Thanks to time sorcel'ry this shouldnt be a huge problem. 12,066 - The Foundation of the Kingdom of Alfafanar by its first king, Cedric the Bastard. xxxxxx - King Selent was the one thousandth King of Alfafanar. xxxxxx - Gragnakas bargained with King Selent to release his familiy in exchange for the hundred swords. xxxxxx - Over the course of his life, Sepathok gathered the 100 swords forged by Gragnakas. 500 - The Journey of Shezdor - The beginning of Shezdor's quest to gather all 100 Swords of Sepathok.


I can't believe how much time I've spent here today...


While I might like to think of myself as the authority on The Lost Factions of the Unknown Misgivings, I have to concede defeat on this one count! Is anyone aware whether Kinlo’s Wrath (made by Japanese developers Kuri Kora) was ever actually released? I can’t even remember when it was announced, but I vaguely recall that it was meant to deal with Kinlo’s rise and fall. But hey, we can all look forward to Kinlo’s Legacy, yeah? I know many of us frown on the more action-packed game titles, but man, playing as Kinlo and his K-C-W lieutenants would be unmatchable if they pull it off!

Edcrab- edcrab@hotmail.com


I just have to say, every single one of you are awesome. Let's make this the biggest repository for ELotH:TES knowledge on the internet! Keep up the amazing work!

poetfox - poetfox@getmeoutofthis.net



I really need some help on the rubian article. I'm recalling a lot from memory, and surely leaving a good bit out. Thanks to whomever dug up that Argentinian series. I had forgotten all about it.

rubian - ginshirou_o@yahoo.com


Great stuff so far! I keep thumbing through my old copies for notes and references. My copy of Nightstand's Peril is pretty worn out!

Mack - tembre@comcast.net


I heard they were going to put out a Collector's Compilation (including the Elemenstor Saga, with a foreword by Tycho Brahe himself; the entirety of the Wizbits cartoon on DVD, with lots of commentary; and a tome with reproductions of all the CCG cards) around Christmas, but I wouldn't put much stock in that; Underhere Publishing hasn't been able to keep a promise to the fans since '98. Anyway, I don't want to have my hopes crushed again, like they were after the plans for the first live-action movie fell through in '97.

Delduwath - andrew.chizhik@gmail.com

Delduwath - I put the dates for the DVD releases that were posted on Underhere's Web site back in February but then abruptly pulled onto the RL timeline. Here's hoping. ~ rubian


Give me a break!

ELotH:TES is soooo over-rated! Sure, the WEBCCG was fun, in JUNIOR HIGH! Even then it was nothing I hadn't seen before! Don't you know that Langomedes stole all the characters for Wizbits from the far-superior, but under-appreciated Legendary Epics of the Dragoncasters: Bloodprinces of Narathar?! And Tycho "It's a magic hat" Brahe is a total sell-out! He could wipe his ass with a piece of parchment and you idiots would talk how real-to-life the dialog was! You all need to get girlfriends!

And don't get me started on the "Christmas" Special...

Craven Smitesbane, last Eldar of Narathar - sm1tsbane024@aol.net


Craven - I've read LEotD. Do you seriously want to compare it to ELotH? LEotD had absolutely two-dimensional characters, a paper-thin plot (Murler looking for his grandfather's pipe for the duration of three novels? Are you kidding me?), and dialogue that reminded me of the play I wrote when I was nine. Let me give you a hint: it wasn't a very good play. Sure, ELotD has it's problems, but at least it tries, you know? That's more than I can say for all the other rip-off "novels" out there. Though, I will concede the point - the Christmas special was absolute trash (who thought it was a good idea for William Shatner to play Ronard?), and the toyline that came with it wasn't even of academic interest.

Delduwath - andrew.chizhik@gmail.com


Movie rumors!

Can anyone find that link about aintitcoolnews getting the scoop on the resurgence of the movie rumors? I know most of you don't believe taht ELotH:TES should ever be sodomized by hollywood, but if they even get 3/4 of the details right I would enjoy seeing this in the theatre very much! I mean, c'mon the wizbits wasn't that bad! My vote is for Colin Farel to play Dogus and Shelly Long to play the role of Fantasmica!

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Knighten, I'm hella more pumped about the MMORPG rumors than any lame-ass movie rumors. ELotH is gonna beat WoW's ass and bang its girlfriend afterwards, man. Hell, it has 3 capital letters in its abbreviation. HOW CAN YOU MESS WITH THAT. No other MMO has containers that can _fight_. That's the killer app for MMOs I think, fighting containers.

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Ah, I think I get it. I spent about 10 minutes reading Tycho's original post, and surfing the wiki... finally I did a google and realized, this is a great big batch of shenanigans. A "ruse" if you will. A flight of whimsy based on elements of fantasy books, CCGs, etc. Good show, I say. Carry on, carry on, pip-pip and all that sort of rot, cheerio, would you like some more tea with your crumpets?

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Anyone know what Holygeekboy is talking about?

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I think he's trying to troll the comments page. Don't feed him. It's just like when Harbinger Portent fought the Lardfolk in Book 2. The more he struggled against them, the worse off he was. Once he reached an inner peace and ignored their attacks, they could no longer do him any harm.

And great work everyone. I'm so glad to have found a group of such dedicated fans!

MixMasterMike, mike.broadwater@gmail.com


Wow, a fat joke, told in context of the ruse... how clever! I am overwhelmed... and by the way, I LOVED the Christmas Special. The parts with the Wizbits teaching scrooge about the true spirit of Christmas, then singing a carol in the Tongue of The Ancients? Priceless.



Anyone care to help out with Stream and Carry? There's some fairly decent stuff written there, but I remember it very, very differently (then again, it's been a while since I've read the books). See note at the top of the article.


I'm certainly open to other interpretations of the Stream and Carry elements. I agree that the descriptions in the books can be difficult to follow, however I'm unsure how far off those listed really are from the intended meaning. How have you interpreted the aforementioned elements?


As I recall, Stream and Carry are pretty simply analogous to Life and Death. Stream makes an object move seemingly under its own power, Carry does the opposite. Elemenstors who chose to master Stream often gained abilities like telekinesis, whereas Carry Elemenstors were pretty good at messing with an object's gravity and, like their counterparts in Death, were somewhat evil (try wiping your behind with the world's heaviest toilet paper and you'll see why). The abilities are of course more complex, but that was my basic take.

The current entries feature a lot of writing on how both powers are evil and shunned, which doesn't make sense to me. There's also a lot of stuff on physical transcendence, which may be an interesting detail from one of the books, but is incorrect to show as the whole story.


Fair cop, I can certainly understand that interpretation. Should current versions be scrapped or do you recall any validity in their content?


There may be some specifics in the Semenite Movement that are valid, but I find it highly unlikely that the Elemenstors would ever find it necessary to forbid or shun the use of Stream (Carry has more valid content, I feel). Perhaps split the historical aspects of Stream into its own article? I can't do a long edit right now, but in a couple of hours I could get writing.


Sounds like a plan. Feel free to email me at ngill@upei.ca if you'd like some help


Movie rumors update!

Okay, I found the link but Lions Gate Films forced them to take it down so there's nothing there now. The good news is the books are entering a first draft script, no word yet on who will be writing it though. The bad news is it looks like Uwe Boll might be directing.

Knighten, knighten6@yahoo.ca


There's a lot of confusion about the Shield and Sickle, and they're used as regions even after the unsundering. Can we just stick to Battal post-US? -Luggage


To whoever went through pages like AstroVixens and the like, and marked them off as fan fic - I love you. I'd hate to see newbies to the ELotH be thrown off by fan fiction. You've done this wiki a great service. -Delduwath


My love goes out to whoever did the Low Elves page. I had entirely forgotten just how forgetful they were (I must have low-elven blood ^_^), and that page has reminded me how important a History of the High/Low Elves is here. -Shadowtext


I'd like to thank all the Elemenstors fans out there for being so cooperative in getting the ball rolling on this wiki. It's about damn time someone documented the sheer epicness of this Saga, and laid it all out in one place for newbies to freely browse up as well as for longtime gurus to reacquaint themselves with certain aspects which they may have forgotten. As a major fan of all fictional histories, I think the histories, including the timeline section, could be more fully covered. There are a lot of events that are only alluded to in the appendices and Brahe's unpublished papers and such which I think would be valuable as reference to those who wish to do greater study. Tolkien's a shmuck, we need more Elemenstor sages out there. -Maestro


It might be worthwhile categorizing all the Locations into The Shield, The Sickle or the Cataclysmic Bluont as approptiate. You'll see on that page now some are under the headings and sub-heading for each place. However it would be nice to get them all under the major heading but the majority are left with little indication of where in Battal they are situated and I'm afraid I cannot recall some of them myself. If you'd like to take a stab at it it might help tidy things up. Thanks! -Nathan G


I had no idea this was even based on something! -Tanktunker



If there is an alternative video store in your neighborhood I reccomend you head down there and ask if they have, or can order you a copy of the old Wizbits show. You are missing a significant part of your childhood whether you like this series or not! Also, some book and comic stores will have Elemenstor titles on hand or in the back somewhere, if not see if you can order some. Most are out of print but it's worth you while to try and find one. Happy hunting!--Knighten


Thanks, I appreciate it, fortunetly I'm still in my childhood and I hope I don't miss anything while I'm still here!- Tanktunker


I've updated the エラメン☆ page with some notes on names for the ignorant, and hopefully cleared up the whole "Phila" debate once and for all. I'll add a few more updates a bit later. - SpaceDrake, adice@gmu.edu


Whoa, I thought I was the only E:LotHtES fan still elemenstormin'! Glad to know I've been proven as wrong as when Flinky thought "furniture polish" wasn't a euphemism! --Cyndre


As for cleaning up the locations, am I correct in thinking that after The Unsundering the geographic regions were referred to as being in Shield or Sickle? I'm pretty sure I know where most of the uncategorized locations were if it's cool to organize things thusly. -Tim


Feel free to take a stab at it, Tim. I'd really like to see a lot of that cleaned up but I'll be damned if I can remember where most of it goes. I should really dust off my old cycle books and brush up. Also, very good job on recovering and uploading the Wizbits theme, whoever that was! So many great childhood memories sitting in front of the TV eating WizBites Cereal. -Nathan


Just found this wiki- great job, guys! Does anybody else remember (or dare I ask, perhaps have a copy) of the 2004 interview with Gary Jaques talking about the 2nd Wizbits series that never happened? I remember a transcript was posted on one of the last updates on elemenst.org before they went down, but it was never a very popular site and a lot of the larger ELotH:TES news sites seemed to ignore the interview. I was so stoked when I read it because it sounded like they had some really great ideas going. Short of The Fourteenth Manuscript I think it was probably the best chance we'd ever have of getting a consistent body of canon, but alas it was never meant to be. -wizbits4ever


Does anyone happen to know what magazines tended to have the CCG promo cards packed inside? I wasn't into the game when it started, and I've only started collected the older cards now. I'm trying to find for data for the Furnal, the Infernal Furnace Furniliar promo card. -- David


David, I think I actually got that promo card in an old SCRYE some years back. I wasn't into the CCG as much as the show when I was a kid, but I've got a lot of random ELotH:TES stuff in my closet. If I manage to find the card in all that junk I'll scan it for you (and the community, natch). --R. Smith, rsmith@whereaminow.org


I amazed. Someone seems to have found a "Furnie" plushie (Elemenstor CCG Plushies). I thought the only known Furnal merchandise was the promo card. Actually, I'm not sure the plushi -is- Furnal. If the merchandising licensee didn't care about continuity, they might have created a new character... especially if they had no knowledge that Furnal existed. Someone should check the date on the plushie and see if it matches the release of the film. -- David


I'd have to see the "Furnie" plushie (Elemenstor CCG Plushies) to be able to tell. I found the card at my parent's house -- he's a scary bugger! It got bent a little in the old shoe box I kept my cards in, but it's in good readable quality. Once I get home after the weekend I'll scan it. --R.S.


R.S., do me a favor. All my sources are unclear as to where Furnal fits into the series. Originally I thought the card belonged with Vanish: The Power and noted that on the List of Card Names entry... however, as it was a promo card for Super ElamenSTAR - My name is Phila!, that's clearly impossible. The film was released in 2000, and Vanish: The Power was 1991. The only set Furnal could possibly belong to would be Adventure and Mysterious, which came out three months before the film was released. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I couldn't find a card list for Adventure and Mysterious, so I added a note on the card series page. If you can transcribe the details, that would be great. Perhaps someone can get Furnal listed on the proper card list. What I am rather curious about is whether the card reveals any details on the nature of Furnal. As the name of the card would imply, he's an Infernal Furniliar... I wasn't sure whether that was a reference to his particular nature and behaviour, or whether it implied that there is/was an entire subclass of Furniliars that were never introduced in the series. -- David


David, I'm pretty sure he was from Adventure and Mysterious. I think the card explains Furnal pretty well. It would make sense if he came out around the time the movie did. I imagine they had already printed the card and shipped it to the magazine for inclusion by the time the animation studio pulled the Furnal scene. -- R.S.

PS - Whoops! Forgot to link: Furnal promo card


Hey, I just registered elothtes.org. Only like 6 bucks or so on Go-Daddy :). I simply have it forwarding to the wiki. Just thought I'd let peeps know. ~Dev


Hey... does anyone know how long ELotH:TES Magazine has been published, and if they ever carried the CGG promo cards? -- David

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