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Complete List of Elements

Page history last edited by Isidra Francis 11 years ago

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Complete List of Elements

also refer to Classification Chart.





1. Voidnes

2. Epic

3. Timenes

4. Spacenes



5. Farth

6. Eir

7. Wir

8. Airth



9. Fire

10. Earth

11. Water/Ice

12. Air


Secondary Elements

13. Life

14. Death

15. Stream

16. Carry


Point Elements

Elements on points of the equidistant locus of primary/secondary elements relative to the octahedric hyperprism hypothesis (theoretical)

17. Blood

18. Unlight

19. The Unspeakable

20. Heart (heavily debated)




These are elements which are Subelements of Life


21. blood

22. phlegm

23. choler

24. melancholy



25. Yorine

26. Chloro

27. Puss



These are elements which are Subelements of Stream

28. Lead Plumbing

29. Ceramic Tile

30. Copper and Ceramic Tubs

31. Polished Brass Towel-Holders


Segment 3 Tertiary Elements

32. Lightning

33. Lighting

34. Dust

35. Cardboard

36. Metal

37. Gravity

38. Holy


The Segment 4 Tertiary Element

41. Ned


Sensory Elements

These are elements which affect the world as it is percieved by certain senses and the functions of the senses themselves.

42. Sight

43. Sound

44. Touch

45. Scent

46. Taste

47. Fribulous


Genome Elements

These are elements which are Subelements of Life

Fauna Elements

48. Mammal

49. Bird

50. Reptile

51. Insect

52. Fish


Flora Elements

53. Algae

54. Trees

55. Shrubs

56. Ferns


Fungi Elements

57. Mushrooms

58. Moulds


Landscape Elements

Elements used by Geographymenstors as location demands it.

59. Forest

60. Plains

61. Desert

62. Sky

63. Cave

64. Volcano

65. Arctic

66. Jungle

67. Ocean

68. Mountain

69. Swamp

70. Urban


Cosmic Elements

71. Sun

72. Moon

73. Star

74. Planet

75. Comet

76. Black Hole



These are elements which are Subelements of Metal

81. Meteoric Iron

82. Iyorn

83. Jessicstan

84. Rystran

85. Silverstone


Logical Elements

98. And

99. Or

100. Not

101. Nand

102. Nor

103. Xor

104. Xnor



There are exactly one hundred and twenty of these elements. Therefore, by the numbering system used on this page, the last Quarternary element is number 259. See also Quarternary Elements.


These are elements which can be manifested in known concrete tangible ways.

140. Steam (debated)

141. Alcohol

142. Swords

143. frozen pee

144. Roots

145. Peanut

146. rubian

147. Dark Rubian

148. Vernynut-glue

149. Wood

150. Xoil

151. Cheese

152. santorum

153. hats

154. Meat

155. T-shirt

156. Bishop

157. Sheet Metal

158. Trough

158. Hash

159. Tripe

160. Ash

161. Black Ice

162. Brine

163. PVC

164. Butterscotch

165. La'un Furniture

166. Flags

167. Wicca

168. Raven

169. Disinfectant Scrubbing Bubbles (malleable element)

170. Fire Used for Heating Water (malleable element)

171. Towels (malleable element)

172. Poison

173. Clockwork

174. Dung

175. Stupid Bears



These are elements with no reliably known manifestation other than in a strictly ideological sense.

180. mysterious

181. Confusion

182. Chocolate

183. Hair

184. Teeth

185. Quilder

186. Gravy

187. Helplessness

188. Slake

189. Linux

190. Brainmanglement

191. Hipness

192. Longevity

193. Pathos

194. Victory

195. Asswhumping

196. Creation

197. Appetite

198. Imagination

199. Element of Surprise

200. Hap

201. Stupidity

202. Wang

203. Novelty

204. Awesome

205. Magic

206. Lame

207. Syntax

208. Sleep

209. Plainess

210. Muscle

211. Speed

212. Luck

213. Marketing



These are POSSIBLY Subelements of Heart

214. Hate

215. Joy

216. Sorrow

217. Anger

218. Pleasure

219. Hope

220. Love


Tagentially Corporeal

These elements have a physical manifestation, but the element itself is a representation of an idea or concept.

221. Beam

222. Housing

223. Triangles

224. Stink

225. Hasp

226. Mauve

227. Money

228. Art

229. Crap

230. Randomness

231. Numbers

231. Size

232. Shape




These elements are smebular. See also smebularity.


240. Three

241. Parapet

242. Monologue

243. Eerht

244. Glavin

245. Narration


Narrativium Elements

These are Subelements of Narration

246. Adventure

247. Fantastic

248. Horror

249. Comedy

250. Romance



These are elements so unpopular among Elemenstors that they have been shunted down to their own major category. See also Quinternary Elements.


260. Not-so-nifty White Lightning

261. Dead Baby Jokes

262. Noodles

263. The Speakable

264. the frozen cream of a pickle


Non-Canon Elements

Doesn't fit with the overarching plotline of the ELotH:tES universe, but is represented enough in merchadise/fanfiction to deserve mentioning


Feel free to add or rearrange as is needed. Also does anybody know how to make a broken numbered list? - Quizatzhaderac



Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 11:55 pm on Aug 3, 2006

I'm wondering if any of our computer programming heroes can find a way for this page to check the Classification Chart page, and let us know which elements in the Complete List have not been placed there. "I'm just a simple unfrozen caveman lawyer, I don't know if such things are possible." (apologies to the late Phil Hartman)

Tim said

at 12:53 am on Aug 4, 2006

I don't think that the metals really are elements.
(81. Meteoric Iron
82. Iyorn
83. Jessicstan
84. Rystran
85. Silverstone
) in the elemenstor sense.. they aren't a fundimental force of the universe... there aren't Iyorn Elemenstors.

Anonymous said

at 2:53 am on Aug 4, 2006

Well that's why they're tertairy. Each eschelon of elemnets is less fundemental then the last. Metals are definitvely substances, even if they possses no extraordinary properties.

Tim said

at 2:59 am on Aug 4, 2006

right but the elemenstor elements are generally not "substances", rather essenses

Anonymous said

at 4:24 am on Aug 4, 2006

Metals are considered elemental essenceses in Asian mythology. They were problably added to the franchise by one of the Japanese spin-offs. I'm nearly certain there were Metal Elemenstors in one of the Japanese manga, but I think their powers encompassed the essence of all metal, rather than just one substance.

Anonymous said

at 4:36 am on Aug 4, 2006

Hah, found it. I dug through some old comics and found a compliation of various manga back when the anime craze hit the states. It had a chapter of DBZ, a chapter of Magic Knights Rayearth, and a chapter of "[Pretty Metal Idol Hagane-chan]", a shoujou ElemenStar spinoff manga featuring Hagane the [Quicksilver] (Metal Elemenstor). There doesn't seem to be any reference to the metal types individually though. The plot is a typical romanic cutesyness seen in these types of things, but you should see the things she can do with chains. Dyamn.

Anonymous said

at 4:03 pm on Aug 4, 2006

awesome.. thanks for clearing that up

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