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***kin' Elemenstormers. Like Trekkies, but with ***kin' swords. - Convention Centre Customer Relations Manager





A fan at Elemenstorm 2005, dressed as a dining table furniliar



tim I think the Haukberk Incident was the one where that guy who plays skip was throwing fire (with flashpaper) on the show floor and Haukberk's Wizbits Wares caught fire. Pretty sure the fire was bad enough that they had to end '99 a day early. None of the scheduled speakers for sunday got to appear, and Brahe was going to give that speech that was an official response to the 14th manuscript rumors.
Leo I thought Haukberk was the last name of the guy who got beaten by fans over some discussion and burned by Horwell and his "Fire Balls"?
tim Yeah, I'm a little fuzzy on the details myself... but I think that guy who got beat up (Haukberk) was one of the vendors, and the fire although accidental was the event that ended the con.
Leo True, true. Some politicians wanted to ban geek conventions for ever in my country when CNN reported this. I believe we still have some obscure law against fire in cons.
tim Leo, have you added yourself to the "fan locator"?
Leo We have a fan locator? I'll be there soon.
bfg00 Anyone have the con list for 2007?

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