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"Take the girl, but leave my dishes alone!" --Book 5




Cubbert P. Oakwood (Cubby) is the cupboard Furniliar of Felthar the Moderately Handsome. They have traveled together since the day of his enchantment by Felthar as a prank during his days at the Institute Of Accoutermentia. His mannerisms are ordinarily that of a stuffy old butler, but in times of danger Cubby has been known to hurl himself headfirst into trouble in defense of his master. Cubby is near manic about the state of his contents, carrying a checklist of items in one of his drawers. Lost items are lamented for days until replaced.


Any similarities with wacky yet lovable sentient wooden chests living on impossible flat discs hurtling through space should be considered purely coincidental. After all, there's only so much one can do with living furniture.






Cubby died saving Felthar and Serafina Haberdasheron from the Nightstand in Book 6 of The Elemenstor Cycle




Cubby was returned to life by Toran in Book 12 at one of the seventeen final battles in that book (the fifth in fact, where he assists in the destruction of The Ambulatator, one of The Eight Elemental Constructs). Inconsolable after the loss of his beloved flatware, he refused to fight in the war and instead became the first furniliar to hold government office as Undersecretary of Education. Eventually Cubby's Allsoul faded to inactivity and he was donated to the Ezermethalonian Museum of Notable Furniture, where he remains to this day.


ELotH:TES Canon


Cubby is introduced (and also created) in Book 5. He appears (and is destroyed) in Book 6, and is reincarnated in Book 12.






Johan sez: Doesn't he appear in The Wizbits somewhere?

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