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Cult of the Wood Stain

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Cult of the Wood Stain

a.k.a. Furniturism

pronunciation keyCult of the Wood Stain
object of worshipFirst Furniture
holy textThe Tome of Ayeki-Ya
main holidayRevolution Day
stance on partial birth abortionshow will it affect Furniture?



They believe that it is man's rightful place to serve the greatest of the Most Discerning Races: Furniture, and that making Furniture serve man is sacrilege. They are frequently involved in attempts to liberate Furniture from human oppression, however most authorities call this "theft" and don't recognize the perpetrators as religious prisoners. The name "Cult of the Wood Stain" refers to the proper maintenance of Furniture - not to the stains produced during Furnication as some Creaks have suggested.



Durring the confusion of the Spica Wars the cult set up its own puppet state under Osmond the Ottoman. However it proved such a charismatic and powerful leader that the puppet state grew out of control, eventually becoming the Ottoman Empire.


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