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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 8 (Not Very Nasty at All)

Creature Families: Magimal


A large, bulbuous, water-filled, cat-like creature which is known to urinate whenever it hears, sees, or imagines anything it doesn't like.


Since the Daigon has an over-active imagination, that makes them incredibly hard to train/tame. Only those with the skill and stealth of a deadly ninja could hope to approach on of these skittish creatures. It is because of this that the Graha School of Daigon-Taming was so successful.


A little known currious fact about diagons is that eating a snorkiepie will fill them with a temporary feeling of peace, well-being, and safety, while simultaneously overstimulating their kidneys. This causes them to slowly inflate, while they relax lethargically. In small to moderate amounts, a snorkiepie will cause the diagon to get a much needed rest from it's mild paranoia, followed by a *trememdous* pee, which leaves the animal somewhat deflated. In larger doses, a snorkiepie can actually cause the Diagon to eventually burst, like an over-inflated water baloon. However, if the sedative effects persist, the diagon does not seem to mind, and will often recover. Diagons appear to be the only animal for which a snorkiepie has this currious effect.


Some mud farmers who know of this strange effect use a combination of Diagons and Snorkiepies to "water" their mud by placing the "snorked" animals in their fields, and waiting for them to either awaken from their haze, or pop... either way.


Not affiliated with the swordsman Dagon.

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