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Dancing Polkarian Sisters of Octobavaria

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The Dancing Polkarian Sisters of Octobavaria

The Dancing Polkarian Sisters of Octobavaria are made up of three large blonde women wearing Valkyric helms, hailing from the brewery kingdom of Octobavaria. In addition, the three sisters each employ a weapon from their homeland. Hessia, the leader, wields a sausage link whip. Frownlein, the second-in-command, has a keg of ale strapped to her back and a tap in her hand that squirts virulent foam all about. Fahrvenuga, the youngest, yet ugliest sister, possesses a pouch full of sauerkraut, which she tosses about liberally. The Polkarians attempted to use the Stein of Holding to turn Lander, Skip and Penny into Schwarzbiere in the episode The Trouble with Tubas. The attempt failed and since their whereabouts have been unknown.

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