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Dark Elemenstation

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Dark Elemenstation




Also known as Necromenstation


In his search for power, Char Reyarteb needed the assistance of the dark Dyemons of the dark Nastier Planes of the Elmether to pervert the pristine, Starborn Gem-given properties of High Elemenstation into the terrifyingly traitorous tempestuous torrents of Dark Elemenstation.


Dark Elemenstation draws not just on the basic particles of the Elmether and the elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, but it also draws darkly on the accumulated dark psychic energy of the countless centuries of pain, torment and strife of the world. Dark Elemenstors possess the dark knowledge that every theft, murder, battle and stubbing of toes feeds the dark forces of Dark Elemenstation.


Dark Elemenstation is divided into three facets: Blood, Unlight and The Unspeakable. Many have attempted to draw parallels between these dark elements and the light elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, though at the current time this idea has been largely discredited. The more radical Dark Elemenstors (or, perhaps, ones most learned in their craft) insist that the the facets exist in-between those of High Elemenstation: Blood between Earth and Water, Unlight between Fire and Air, The Unspeakable at the crossroads between all four. If this theory is correct - and few Elemenstors, High, Dark, or otherwise, choose to weigh in with their opinion - it would suggest the existence of two more facets, located between Fire and Earth, and between Water and Air. Others say that the three facets are distorted primal elements, claiming that Dark is distorted Ur.


Further extrapolations of a unified geometric theory of elemenstation has lead to the octahedric hyperprism hypothesis. While it is not considered canon, the octahedric hyperprism hypothesis has been reinforced by the Cycle numerous times, particularly in the Finnish translation. It is unclear if this will ever take into account the Dark is distorted Ur theory or if the two schools of thought will engage in flame wars.


Some proponents of the octahedric hyperprism hypothesis take things a step further and conclude that there is a fourth dark element: Heart. This view is considered _highly_ heretical, even amongst the lunatics who espouse octahedric hyperprism hypothesis. If this is true, it would make sense that the Dark Elemenstors would never mention it and likely deny it if directly questioned. For this truth to get out would greatly undermine their image.


It is interesting to note that Harbinger Portent, Char Reyarteb's master, was known as the father of High Elemenstation, whereas Portent's student himself, Reyarteb, was (ironically) the father of Dark Elemenstation.


In addition to having access to the gears of the Dark Elements of Blood, Unlight and The Unspeakable, dark elemenstors have access to two major Elemenstation abilities known as Wrack and Witherance.

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