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Note: Time and tenses get difficult when dealing with the Hierarchs (for more information, see the Chronoclave). Thus, the past tense will be used primarily to describe the events surrounding how the Four Vales were destroyed/are being destroyed/will be destroyed).


Quotes on this page are taken from the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor.


The Darkstorm


First there was nothing/the Hierarchs. Simultaneously/later/earlier, the Starborn Gem was formed. Next/previously, The Four Vales were shaped. The Four Vales, being comprised of the four main Elements, were pleasing to the Hierarchs. As it is written, the Hierarchs Thought,


"Behold the Four Vales, for verily they art pleasing/havst been pleasing/willst be pleasing to Ourselves." - Elemenstors 1:4


In each elemental Vale was created and sequestered one of the four Most Discerning Races. In descending order of their rationality, they were: Furniture, Kryatures, Sjkarblae, and Men. Thus, all was good and ordered, and the Hierarchs basked in the glowing radiance of Existence. In the Vale of Farth, the Furniture began the creation of an advanced civilization, philosophizing on weekdays while lazing on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons in the manner that furniture is still accustomed to do. The other Vales, however, descended into darkness and despair, being unable to establish societal order or, for that matter, any method in which to laze at all. For it is said that the Hierarchs Thought,


"Verily, the Vales of the non-Furniture most assuredly art making/hav'st made/willst make themselves unholy Shitholes of despair and melancholia." - Elemenstors 1:7


On a Hierarchical Whim, the Hierarchs, in their Ponderings, elected to begin Existence anew, Thinking,


"Thus, behold Our Whim, for We now art enraging/hav'st enraged/willst enrage Ourselves with Our creations of Crapitude. Surely they art/hav'st been/shall be destroyed upon our Thinking." - Elemenstors 1:14


Simultaneously/later/earlier, the Darkstorm began/continued/ended, changing the Vales from their primordial, promethean state into clearly defined elements.




Traces of the Vales' previous admixture are still experienced as hiccups in the practice of Elemenstation. Furthermore, due to the dual existence of the Hierarchs as both forgers of the Starborn Gem and as a eulithian resonance vector of the Elemenstors themselves flung back into the past, the original four races were scattered across space and time, appearing in the Saga Timeline through differing means at differing times and in differing forms. Thus, while almost no one can be sure of which race he or she is descended, it can be assured that all people and creatures are/will be a descendant of either Furniture, Kryatures, Sjkarblae, or Men.

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