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Death in the Family: A Very Special Wizbits

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Japanese Version

Death in the Family: A Very Special Wizbits


The Wizbits, Episode 212

Aired 26 November, 2000



In this episode, MooMaa returns with a vengance as Bladeweaver Moo Maa. As the Wizbits enjoy some time in the city, Moo Maa blazes a devastating trail, seeking his old foes. Rather than face all of them at once, Bladeweaver Moo Maa isolates and strikes at them, spreading his damage amongst the reuinted, yet frustratingly separated, Wizbits.


The episode reaches a tragic head when Moo Maa locates Amberberry en route to facing Lander with a mind-controlled Skip. Amber attempts to convince him of the goodness in his own heart, and, in a cruel moment, is struck down effortlessly by Bladeweaver Moo Maa's blades.


The final battle of the episode exhibits just how exhilarating the action scenes in Wizbits can be, and provide a satisfying cord of vengeance against Moo Maa's evil act.



Skip: Well, sometimes people die terrible grotesque deaths at the hands of your most unspeakable enemies. You know what I like to do when that happens? Borrow a straight razor and enjoy some time alone with me, myself, and my wrists. Try it, kids!



  • The music that plays over Amberberry's death and the final battle with Moo Maa is none other than "Nights in White Satin," the Moody Blues song. While hailed as moving and well-selected when originally played, James Langomedes has a prominent hate for the song, the Moody Blues, and, incidentally, Amberberry. In accordance with James Langomedes's wishes, the upcoming DVD release will replace the song with "(Feel Like) Making Love," by Bad Company.


  • This episode of The Wizbits was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, where it was given an excellent review. Viewership of the show spiked shortly therafter. Ironically, the screenshot of the episode and the Wizbits title in the review were errors--the review was actually one of Law and Order: Avant-Guarde Critics' Fodder.


  • The original cut of the translated version of the show featured the mind-controlled Skip destroying Amberberry, which James Langomedes found "immensely satisfying" but others felt was too disturbing for children's TV; replacement footage had to be animated on the quick. The silhouetted killing stroke of Moo Maa is rotoscoped footage of a tall street bum tearing into an Amberberry-shaped mannequin filled with beef tripe and blood squibs, rigged to a small explosive.


  • The episode was rated TV-Y7 and remains so, thanks to a hefty bribe from General Defense Dynamics, as part of their ongoing experiments into, quote, "turning the children of today into the hardened soulless killing machines of tomorrow."


  • This episode clashes with accepted canon, as Amberberry dies later in Book 12 of the saga. Individual fans determine which is their preferred end for her. Most opt for the books, especially since Amberberry did not silhouettedly explode in the book. The question is moot in the Japanese version, as Amberberry neither appears nor dies hideously.


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I'm pretty sure it was Amberberry who met her end in this ep--or did they call her something else and just reuse her character model?


...I knew I got the song wrong. Thanks for correcting. -Jute Mill

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